Videos are messages I felt led to make by YHWH (Yahu), for you.
Feel free to share any of the videos.

Mountain Knowledge
song: Promentory by Trevor Jones

YHWH - RainbowStormRainbow Storm of YHWH
Message from YHWH speaking with His Word as only He can. Do you have eyes to see and ears to hear?

song: Deliverance by Yanni

Rainbow Thunder of YHWH
Message from YHWH. I was but a typewriter for these messages as only YHWH can speak with His Word.

song: On Sacred Ground by Yanni

9/11 = Revelation 10?
About 9/11 and how it fits Revelation 10. We are told to look to the date on the scroll that Lady Liberty holds.

song: Coyote Dance by Robbie Robertson

Return of White
A video YHWH had me make to show the phenomenon of the white animals that is increasing all around us.

song: Buffalo Moon by Brule

Return of White 2 – The birds speak out
A second video showing the phenomenon of the white animals, and how it pertains to many birds as well.

song: The Voice of Sacred Spirit by Brule

Ancestor Earth – the Eagle has landed
Message two years prior to the Gulf Oil spill. We were warned we only had a few moments to fix the problem.

song: Ancestor Song by Robbie Robertson

Dancing Feathers – the Song is beginning
Video telling a story with imagery in a simplistic manner. Can you read the story being told before you?

song: Dancing Feathers by Brule

YHWH – Fire Father
A video about the Fire of YHWH and showing my first experience with YHWH, the Pillar of Fire.

song: Round Dance by the Black Lodge Singers

Native American YHWH
Video showing the Native American Indians, knew the name YHWH and even sing to His Name.

song: Stomp Dance (Unity) by Robbie Robertson

Native American YHWH – Rock Medicine
Video showing artifacts of Hebrew origin that belong to the Native American, specially the Cherokee.

song: Twisted Hair by Robbie Robertson

Fear Not
Video made due to the inspirational ending of YHWH – Fire Father. There is No Fear with YHWH.

song: Indian Spirits by Era

The Orbs of YHWH
A personal video about my first hand experience with the Orbs when my journey with YHWH had just begun.

song: Secret Vows by Yanni

YHWH the Spirit
Video made due to a YHWH person on the other side of the world who was woken and told to write.

song: Round Dance by Northern Cree

Journey of a Vision
Video of imagery showing my journey to YHWH and His mountain. Do you understand the story?

song: Ly-O-Lay Ale Loya by Sacred Spirit

Flight of an Eagle
Video that has received much attention. Been part of college projects to seen on a jumbo screen in a stadium.

song: The Vanishing Breed by Robbie Robertson

Ancient Technology?
A video YHWH had me do to show things around us today to what is on stone from a long time ago.

song: Northern Cree Grass Dance

Come Ye Children
A video made in conjunction with my wife teaching that one needs to come to YHWH and His protective Hand.

song: Lakota Forever by Brule

Psalm 37 – the Righteous Inherit the Earth
Book of Psalm 37 to show that the righteous remain. As the only rapture will be of the tares by fire.

song: Until the Last Moment by Yanni

Minister of YHWH
A video that I consider my crib notes. As these were some of the first passages YHWH used to speak to me.

song: Nightingale by Yanni

Warrior of YHWH
A video touching upon my first experience, the Fire. Are you a warrior of YHWH?.

song: Fire Dance (Dances with Wolves) by John Barry

Shawnee Sioux War Dance
Video done by request of many to put pictures to the song. Title reads Shawnee Snake War Dance.

song: Sioux War Dance by Shawnee


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