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Rebellious women

Many women today do not understand what it is to be a Woman!

Do we forget that we hold the highest title?   Mother!   We have the highest role on the planet!   We hold more power than most will admit to.   Our best role ever is to raise our children correctly.   To teach them their ways.

It appears that in today’s society, women are too focused on their careers rather than their families.   Yes, we can buy our family material items from the pay we earned, but can we buy the love and respect the woman deserves?   No, we cannot!

My Grandmother was the matriarch of our family.   A woman who raised 9 out of 11 surviving siblings.   A woman who worked in a factory during the great depression, slaving as a seamstress in a sweatshop to help support her parents. A woman who our entire family ran to when a situation came up.  No one ran to my Grandfather the way they did to my Grandmother.  She was the rock.  She was the one who could kiss a boo boo away in the middle of cooking up a lasagna made from scratch.  She could cook, clean, garden, sew, can food, knit and crochet.  She could chop wood, paint a house, reupholster the furniture. She could recite scripture at the blink of an eye.  She could stand firm and could soothe at the same time.   She was the one who could keep every family member’s issues in her personal file cabinet in her brain.  She was the mediator and a great teacher.  She knew who was naughty and held a firm tongue with them.  A strong willed Sicilian with the warmest hug that could make a toughened criminal want to curl up inside her and bawl. Yes, a woman with a great power she was!  And guess what?  She was very obedient to her parents and her husband and most of all to YHWH.

Opinionated, oh yes she was!  Obedient, even more so.  Thus, look at the reward she received.  The love and trust of all her family members.  Being regarded as the highest ranked woman of an enormous Sicilian family.  No one held her rank, no man of the family.  Just my sweet loving Grandmother who held so much within her that came out in droves of wisdom, love and laughter.  Yes indeed,  she was the boss of a huge family!

We women need to understand our roles as the feminine.  The rocks for our husbands.  The supporters of our men.  The rock for our children, their friends, our friends.  The power within a soft voice to soothe the most passionate of tears.  The power within a firm voice when pointing out a wrong.  The stance of a woman with her fists on her hips.  Oh, yes, we don’t mess with a woman in that stance.  As I love to say, mess with a bull, you get the horns.  The wrath of a woman scorned.  We don’t need to wear short skirts and pile on the make up to turn the men on.  We don’t need to prove ourselves stronger than the next.  We don’t need to do the man’s job.  Really think about it.  A man would jump in front of a bullet or a car to save his woman.  Would we do that for our man?  We think we would, but would we really do it?  Or would we freeze and watch it all happen feeling helpless?  A man would fight all elements to save someone.  Would most women? (Not saying that many wouldn’t)  We would tend to be the ones sitting and waiting by the phone while the men are out in harsh conditions.  Why?  Because the man’s job is to protect the woman and the woman’s job is to protect the children.  Neither one’s job is more important than the others in these situations.  Both are needed.  As a woman would most likely give her life to protect her child, as would a man, a man would most likely give his life not only to protect his wife, but also his mother, his child and his brother etc.  For a woman can re marry and give birth again, while a man cannot.  Hmm.  See the difference in roles here?  Yet we want to rebel and take on the job of men.  We are not the weaker vessel, we are the needed vessel.  So why do we rebel against our natural laws written within us?

We women need to realize the greatest gift we hold is that of carrying child.  Giving life from our cells to theirs.  Being a home from conception through entrance to this world.  We must realize how great a gift it is to be a house for our children.  A house with protective walls, that feeds and nourishes and prepares our defenseless wee ones for the world they must enter in.  To then be the creator of the living environment they will grow up in.  We women are busy busy creatures with much responsibility.  We are the entrusted, we are the nurturers, we are the caregivers, the secret holders, the cushions and pillows.  We are the foundation on which humanity is dependent upon.  For without the female, humanity would not increase.  When YHWH created us as a helpmeet to the man, He gave us a great amount of control.  We are not less than man, we are equal to man.  Difference being, our form of strength is different from man’s.  A wonderful balance to keep the wheels running smoothly.

Do we understand what a blessing it is to be a helpmeet?  A handmaiden? Obedience is not slavery, it is a merging of actions between man and woman so things can run efficiently.  A man must also be obedient to his wife.  Yet, society has twisted the male and female roles.  Corrupting the views of society towards liberation.  The downward spiral.  Liberation has caused a calm tongue to be a loud and rebellious one.  It has created a twisting of natural laws and ordinances.  It causes sneers from strangers upon hearing a woman ask something of her husband. (“What are you asking him for, you are independent from him.”) Taking the two become one into two stay two until the divorce proceedings begin.  Yes, I tend to become a bit opinionated as I have lived both.  The rebellious and the trying to be obedient. (Emphasis on still trying)

1 Peter 3:4
But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornameint of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of YHWH of great price.

Definition of OBEY

transitive verb

: to follow the commands or guidance of
: to conform to or comply with <obey an order> <falling objects obey the laws of physics>
intransitive verb
: to behave obediently

— obey·er noun

Definition of OBEDIENCE


a : an act or instance of obeying

b : the quality or state of being obedient


: a sphere of jurisdiction; especially : an ecclesiastical or sometimes secular dominion

Sadly this word has been taken as a bad term.  A 4 letter word that stirs anger within.  Ah, the deceiver of souls has again tricked humanity.  Yet, what does YHWH ask of His servants?  That we obey Him.

While we all rebel against the Word of YHWH, we really are rebelling against ourselves.  The jurisdiction of YHWH is in place for a reason.  It’s laws are a guidance for society to run smoothly.  It appears that subconsciously, humanity has been seduced into believing that being submissive to another is based on slavery and humility.  That obeying is belittling.  Quite the contrary.  Being obedient in all things creates amazing outcomes.  From pleasing a spouse, a boss, a parent to flourishing in all tasks taken on.  A wonderful quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson goes to say “Obedience alone gives the right to command.”  And a very good statement on obedience given by Jean-Jacques Rousseau reads on as “The strongest is never strong enough to be always the master, unless he transforms strength into right, and obedience into duty“.

They get it!  It is a blessing.  Yet we women have been taught that obedience to our husbands, a man, the opposite sex is somehow a weakness.  Well, what does YHWH say about this?

Jeremiah 18:10
If it do evil in my sight, that it obey not my voice, then I will repent of the good, wherewith I said I would benefit them.

Galations 5:7
Ye did run well; who did hinder you that ye should not obey the truth?

1Peter 3:1

Likewise, ye wives, be in subjection to your own husbands; that, if any obey not the word, they also may without the word be won by the conversation of the wives;

WOW!  Did you read that?

If we as women would adhere to the natural laws we were given to follow, we’d realize that we are a most valued species.  As my husband likes to say, If a Mom scolds a soldier, she has more authority than his superiors.  No one has more authority over man than a Mother except for YHWH.  Therefore, if we, as women, thrive to be obedient to YHWH and to our husbands, we will see the value of obedience.  Harvesting the rewards of our fruitfulness.  Let us not be swayed by a society based on divisions.  Let us stand together in a firm stance of what a woman truly is and teach our children the value of humanity.  Male and female alike. For as many women thrive to be a Proverbs 31 woman, let it be known that if you make your husband happy, he will thrive to make you happy, thus being obedient to each other.  Being obedient to YHWH blesses your house.  I’d say being obedient is a wonderful thing…if only we can wipe off the dirt of rebellion within our lives.  Let us give wisdom to our children so they may not be swept away by the grips of a losing society.  It is in our hands women!  Let our army march forward with the sword of truth!


Domino Effect

Domino EffectThe domino effect is a chain reaction that occurs when a small change causes a similar change nearby, which then causes another similar change, and so on in linear  sequence. The term is best known as a mechanical effect, and is used as an analogy to a falling row of dominoes.  It typically refers to a linked sequence of events where the time between successive events is relatively small. It can be used literally (an observed series of actual collisions) or metaphorically (causal linkages within systems such as global finance or politics).

As we can see by recent events in the news, another domino effect is happening.  Guns are a hot topic these days.  They have been for quite some time.  However, suddenly it is the forefront of conversations around the USA.  As the Newtown publicity has captured the hearts and minds of millions, other stories are rising regarding shootings.  At malls, in parking lots, kids carrying in backpacks for protection.  It is awfully interesting to see how much of the news is focused on this.  My question is, how much of what we are exposed to is legitimate?

To the parents, I ask you this.  How many guns were confiscated from your child’s school?  Does your child go through metal detectors upon entering the school?  Is your child being scanned (AKA radiated) with metal detectors individually as TSA does in airports?  Are backpacks allowed in school?  If your child has high security measures implemented in their school, did anything in particular happen within its walls to have such security?  For I am aware of inner city schools, in our area, that chose security measures due to kids bringing in knives and other dangerous items to hurt other students.  Due to much fighting and threats from angry students inner city violence has ventured outwards to the suburbs due to school choice in our area.  Certain districts  felt security measures must be tight, considering some of the lifestyles many children were raised in.

Disregarding the previous paragraph on grounds of legitimacy, my main question is…did the security systems come into play at many  schools due to  true violence within their schools, or were they put into play due to something the media ravishingly published for all to focus on?

I ask this because my children are blessed enough not to go through that at this time.  Yet in saying this, their school district is rethinking their security measures due to something that happened a few states away.  Yes…the domino effect has begun here.  Logically, prevention is better than aftermath.  Nip it in the butt before it becomes an issue.  However, the deeper issue at hand is who is profiting from all this?  Who is making the major buckaroos installing security measures?  And are these publicized school shootings drills in disguise to give some major company millions of dollars?  For if we become objective rather than emotional and truly look deeply, we realize what we see can not be as they say.  Not to say all school shootings are a hoax.  However, we know the media lies.  We understand who controls the media and can grasp that all media sources aid in steering public opinion.

Next, let’s talk about the guns!  Let’s talk about the right to defend oneself when given the opportunity to do so because of the average Joe Schmoe criminal.  With Walmart and Dick’s as two major companies discussing changes regarding gun sales and removing guns from their stores, we need to question who is this helping?  For we all understand that criminals will get guns no matter what the laws are.  And they can get any gun they want!  The black market will skyrocket and the average citizen will be targeted at a greater rate.  Heck, take away a citizen’s right to carry and it’s a free for all!

So, yet again, we can discuss the above and go round and round the merry go round.  My husband and I were discussing earlier the greater agenda.  Who are they trying to wean out?  Which company is under fire that must be squashed?  For their world is not ours, yet boy do they ever influence ours!  It is looking at the entire picture of what is being shown to us.  For a magician has many tricks up his sleeve and can easily distract the audience, creating an illusion for all to view.  Yes, there will be those scarce few who see the trick for what it is but they are few and far between.  And that is what they depend upon!

Considering the time we live in.  A time of great deceptions upon the earth, families will suffer greatly due to the amount of domino effects brought forth.  We can discuss the economy, we can discuss the government, health care, RFID chips etc etc.  We can discuss all of it.  Each item when brought into the lime light creates its own entity of dominoes.  I would love to know how much brought forth are truly legitimate.  I’d love to know what the world would be like without media influencing our minds and our decision  making.  For with each major story, comes a consequence the citizens must pay.  For underneath the  surface always lies the wolf in Grandmother’s nightie.  And while we give up our freedoms for the sake of safety, we can honestly say…each domino effect throughout history has taken away our freedom beyond imagination.


Red riding hood


Red:   My oh my Grandmother!
blankbox     blankbox    What big eyes you have!

WolfThe better to see you, my dear.

Red:   Oh Grandmother!
      blankbox     blankboxWhat big teeth you have!

We all know what the wolf says!


Isaiah 59:3-4

For your hands are defiled with blood,
and your fingers with iniquity;
your lips have spoken lies,
your tongue hath muttered perverseness.
None calleth for justice,
nor any pleadeth for truth:
they trust in vanity,
and speak lies;
they conceive mischief,
and bring forth iniquity.

How many more dominoes will fall before the Storm Begins?
Only YHWH knows!

Verily I say unto you,
This generation shall not pass,
till all these things be fulfilled.

Heaven and earth shall pass away,
but my words shall not pass away.

But of that day and hour knoweth no man,
no, not the angels of heaven,
but my Father only.

Illusions in the wind


We live in a world that is surrounded by illusions and deceptions.
It is like a strong wind.
As it blows by, you can feel it but you can not see it.  It can make you cold and cause suffering.  A high wind can cause fear while wind chimes sing loudly as the gusts rush by.

It can throw debris into your eyes so you can not see clearly, causing a temporary blindness.  Once the wind dies down, and your eyes clear up and your suffering has been relieved, life continues on as usual.  It was a slight disturbance that brought about discomfort for a short time and kept you distracted from other occurrences happening around you.  All that is left is a slight whispering tune as the chimes settle back into place.

It is what is depended upon by those who wish to create  illusions in what we call life around us.  Surely we can feel the effects their gentle breezes and high winds have upon us.  Through the economy, through fears and high emotions brought upon by the news, movies, tell a lie vision (TV) and any media source.

As the invisible wind blows past, leaves will rustle and clouds will move across the sky.  The current will pick up in the ocean and streams, lakes and rivers.  Once the wind stops the current rests.  The birds will flock back down to rest comfortably upon the waters or branches.  The discomfort has passed as life continues on.

It truly is like a roll of thunder in some areas and serene and peaceful in others.  A game played to challenge the eyes and minds of those who are observers.  Ho hum.

I like to look at life with an open mind, to see from many points of view.  This can be quite difficult, especially as we grow older and become set in our ways.  I, myself, have been guilty of being set in my ways.  Yet within that, as scales have fallen from my eyes piece by piece, I have felt a deep sorrow.  For I would like to trust what is said or shown to me.  I respect those who are true to their word and speak honestly.  I, however, walk away from those who have lied to me and tried to lead me astray.  My sorrow has grown and I have walked away from much.

I can not see the wind, instead, I listen carefully and observe my surroundings.  Will I hear it howl through the trees or rustling thickets?  Will I be able to discern which direction it is coming from?  Will I be able to determine how many miles per hour it is and be alert to its possible dangers?  How hard are the birds fighting its force during flight?  Will I be able to thwart its effects in my life?  Or will I just sit and listen and go about my business ignoring the howling and its force?

This is how I interpret the media and those who control what each person sees daily.

Compare it to the likes of a poet.   A poet describes the most beautiful flower.  The softness of its petals the colors and background.  The garden it grows in.  The morning dew upon its leaves. The gentleness of the gardener fertilizing the soil for the beautiful flower to bloom and grow.

Most will believe the poem is about a flower.  Many will try to figure out which flower is being written about.  A rose?  A hyacinth?  A tulip?  Yet, inside the poets mind is a story of a grandmother with her grandchild.  Detailing the joys of spending time together.  Nurturing a child to grow into a beautiful soul.

See how the poet can create an illusion within our minds yet the truth of the matter is, the illusion has nothing to do with what the poet truly was writing about.

We, as humans, must try to read deeply into what we are shown.  For everything we see is imprinted within us as a memory.  Within those memories are many things that are not ours.  Things we can not take ownership to, yet these memories effect our way of thinking.  Our attitudes, our wants, our desires and most importantly our fears.  Our moods are effected.  Our words spoken are directed by them.

If we can ever still our beings enough to erase the slate of what our minds have stored within them, we would be able to open our eyes with an empty page to write on.  To begin with an objective point of view rather than an emotional one.  And ever so important is to draw and write upon this page with new memories created by self experiences and not solely by the false creationists that want to scribble and graffiti their filth upon it.

Many call it “Waking Up” or an “Awakening”.   I prefer to call it being logical and smart.  Open those precious eyes  and refuse to take things at face value.  We live in a time of serious propaganda and illusions put forth to steer our thinking.  Creating group mentality.  As I always say….if they run to it, run FAR from it as FAST AS YOU CAN!

Romans 16:18
For they that are such serve not our Saviour, the Messiah,
but their own belly;

and by good words and fair speeches
deceive the hearts of the simple.

May YHWH reveal His truths and lead us all away from the lies of the false creators of our world.

As a mother….


Today I read an article regarding an Indian woman who gave birth in an airplane restroom.  She apparently was a single woman wishing to become a doctor and being unwed, a baby would have thwarted her plans.   The article clearly shows desperation.  Desperation to a high degree.

I’m not sure whether I believe this story or not.  I decided to share both sides of thinking I had about this.  For as a woman and a mother, it is easy to go with the first feelings of sheer emotion upon reading about such actions.

While reading this article I imagined being in this woman’s position.  If this is indeed true, what made her try to flush her newborn down an airplane toilet?  I looked to my own mother’s trials while being an unwed, pregnant, young woman and what she told me she endured.  She was hidden away and locked in her room.  Covered in blankets when going into her parent’s car etc.  She was surely abused mentally due to her pregnancy with me.

Upon that thought, I wondered, what did this 22 year old Indian woman endure to make her feel so absolutely desperate to do such an act.  Was it the society she grew up in?  Was it sheer selfishness in wanting her career?  Many have stated they would not want her as a doctor, knowing she committed such an act.

My heart sighed as I read the short article.  For as a mother of 3, and as one who sacrificed my life long dream to raise them, I carry no regrets.  For my children came first before my wants and dreams.  Even as I pursued my dream after they were born, I learned, raising children became a challenging yet very rewarding life to lead.  I decided put my dream aside at it’s highest point. I have never regretted it.  Not once.  Therefore, this passage came to mind.

Psalm 127:3
Lo, children are an heritage of YHWH:
and the fruit of the womb is his reward.

For all the women in this world who yearn for a child, my heart ached.  Certainly someone would have loved to adopt this infant.  And yet a newborn came into this world to have its first breaths in a toilet?  Upon thought, it is seriously heart wrenching.  If this article is in fact a truth and not a fiction brought about to bring in readers, I can’t imagine what a beginning of life for that child.  As well, to the person who found it.

Now, on another side of this, I would like to question the story itself.

I’d like to know how this woman actually did this.  For anyone who has flown knows, the bathrooms are very tiny.  There really is not too much sound proofing.  When the newborn arrived, how did she clean up the mess from giving birth, let alone how could she have done it quietly?  For most women scream loud enough to shake a country while giving birth.  Not to mention, the body pain from it, you can’t hide the painful walk during or afterwards.  Trying to control the pain will cause  severe sweating, a red face and many moans and groans .  Let alone the pain and labor itself will make a woman look like she ran a thousand mile marathon!  Did not anyone on the plane notice?  How about when the woman went to sit back down in her seat.  Surely we all know after giving birth, sitting down is not quite an option for most women.  Did not anyone pay attention to her after leaving the bathroom? And surely, we women who have given birth know, you best be wearing an adult diaper or something due to everything that the body expels afterwards.  It is ghastly gross!  And lastly did this 22 year old woman actually believe not one person would notice her before and after?  Did she really believe she could flush a baby out of a plane and walk away Scott free?  For another woman knows the travails of labor.  Ask any mother the signs of before and after birth and let them spew out their answers.  Even in regards to easy labor.

In conclusion, if this is a made up story, it is utterly sickening.  If it is true, then we must consider how desperate this woman was to do such a heinous act.  We must look past our own lives and into hers.  It is easy to say “I wouldn’t ever do that!”  We all know that people can panic due to the fears and realities created inside them.  It is easier to judge than to think logically upon another’s actions.

John 8:7
So when they continued asking him,
he lifted up himself, and said unto them,
He that is without sin among you,
let him first cast a stone at her.

Though it is not condoning the actions, it is looking deep into why such an action would take place.  It is putting aside emotion and looking objectively. As a mother all I can say is the whole idea of this is extremely disappointing.

The article can be read here

James Adair

James Adair 2

If one is eastern Native American, or curious to the possibilities of the Natives being Israelites. This is a good book to read, being James Adair lived among the Natives for many years.

I am sure you will find many interesting facts and items within the pages.

History of the North American Indians
Author James Adair
History of the Indians
London: Edward & Charles Dilly, 1775

Observations on the colour, shape, temper, and dress of the Indians of America. The Indians are of a copper or red-clay colour, and they delight in every thing, which they imagine may promote and increase it: accordingly, they paint their faces with vermilion, as the best and most beautiful ingredient. If we consider the common laws of nature and providence, we shall not be surprised at this custom; for every thing loves best its own likeness and place in the creation, and is disposed to ridicule its opposite…

…Observations, and arguments, in proof of the American Indians being descended from the Jews…

read the rest of the book

Pocahontas Lie

Every day it seems I am amazed at the ignorance, blindness, thoughtlessness and audacity that Christians possess.

The Word speaks truth in a single passage.

•Isaiah 45:20
Assemble yourselves and come;
draw near together,
ye that are escaped of the nations:
they (Christians) have no knowledge
that set up the wood of their graven image (cross),
and pray unto an el (man, jesus) that cannot save.

Here is a Christian web site promoting lies for their own cause, even stealing that which belongs to another. I am reminded of a commandment, something Christians are good at breaking.

•Exodus 20:17
Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house,
thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife,
nor his manservant, nor his maidservant,
nor his ox, nor his ass,
nor any thing that is thy neighbour’s.

Here is a re-post from ChristianAnswers.net, and their fairy tale and Jesus dreams of the theft of Pocahontas. Just goes to show Christianity has no moral grounds they will not cross for the self promotion of a pagan religion.

Do you know the true story of Pocahontas (Rebecca Rolfe)?

Many people have seen the popular Disney movie, Pocahontas. But, here is the true story of an Indian princess and the English settlers at Jamestown.

In 1607 the English established a colony at Jamestown, Virginia. But the harsh winters were more difficult than the settlers had planned and they soon found that their supplies were becoming dangerously low.

One day, during 1608, Captain John Smith and some of his men were captured by Native Americans while they were out searching for food. Captain Smith’s men were all killed and he was taken to Chief Powhatan. The mighty Indian Chief ordered that Smith be killed. At the last moment, the Chief’s daughter, 13 year old Pocahontas, pleaded with her father and saved Captain Smith’s life.

A few years later, Pocahontas would once again save the lives of many in Jamestown by warning the settlers of an Indian attack. She made friends with the settlers and was soon trusted by them.

In 1613, when she was 18 years old, Pocahontas accepted Jesus into her life and was baptized. She also took the “Christian” name of Rebecca to mark the beginning of her new life.

Soon after her baptism, Pocahontas fell in love and married a Jamestown settler named John Rolfe. They had a child named Thomas (1615). In 1616, John, Rebecca and their son all traveled to England where they were given an audience from the royal court. As they prepared to return home to Virginia in 1617, Pocahontas became ill and died. She was buried in England.

Pocahontas will always be remembered as the Indian princess who risked her own life to save Captain John Smith and the settlers of Jamestown. But the really notable aspect of her short life is that she was the first Native American in the new world to be converted and accept Jesus Christ.

Author: Mark Van Bebber of Films for Christ
Copyright © 1995, 2003, Eden Communications, All Rights Reserved

I have sent an email to Mark Van Bebber, correcting his lies.

Pocahontas Truth

Besides Cherokee, I am also Powhatan, going back to Chief Powhatan’s great grandfather. Being a “Red Rolfe”, I thought I would share this truth.

The Pocahontas Myth
Chief Roy Crazy Horse
source: Powhatan.org

In 1995, Roy Disney decided to release an animated movie about a Powhatan woman known as “Pocahontas”. In answer to a complaint by the Powhatan Nation, he claims the film is “responsible, accurate, and respectful.”

We of the Powhatan Nation disagree. The film distorts history beyond recognition. Our offers to assist Disney with cultural and historical accuracy were rejected. Our efforts urging him to reconsider his misguided mission were spurred.

“Pocahontas” was a nickname, meaning “the naughty one” or “spoiled child”. Her real name was Matoaka. The legend is that she saved a heroic John Smith from being clubbed to death by her father in 1607 – she would have been about 10 or 11 at the time. The truth is that Smith’s fellow colonists described him as an abrasive, ambitious, self-promoting mercenary soldier.

Of all of Powhatan’s children, only “Pocahontas” is known, primarily because she became the hero of Euro-Americans as the “good Indian”, one who saved the life of a white man. Not only is the “good Indian/bad Indian theme” inevitably given new life by Disney, but the history, as recorded by the English themselves, is badly falsified in the name of “entertainment”.

The truth of the matter is that the first time John Smith told the story about this rescue was 17 years after it happened, and it was but one of three reported by the pretentious Smith that he was saved from death by a prominent woman.

Yet in an account Smith wrote after his winter stay with Powhatan’s people, he never mentioned such an incident. In fact, the starving adventurer reported he had been kept comfortable and treated in a friendly fashion as an honored guest of Powhatan and Powhatan’s brothers. Most scholars think the “Pocahontas incident” would have been highly unlikely, especially since it was part of a longer account used as justification to wage war on Powhatan’s Nation.

Euro-Americans must ask themselves why it has been so important to elevate Smith’s fibbing to status as a national myth worthy of being recycled again by Disney. Disney even improves upon it by changing Pocahontas from a little girl into a young woman.

The true Pocahontas story has a sad ending. In 1612, at the age of 17, Pocahontas was treacherously taken prisoner by the English while she was on a social visit, and was held hostage at Jamestown for over a year.

During her captivity, a 28-year-old widower named John Rolfe took a “special interest” in the attractive young prisoner. As a condition of her release, she agreed to marry Rolfe, who the world can thank for commercializing tobacco. Thus, in April 1614, Matoaka, also known as “Pocahontas”, daughter of Chief Powhatan, became “Rebecca Rolfe”. Shortly after, they had a son, whom they named Thomas Rolfe. The descendants of Pocahontas and John Rolfe were known as the “Red Rolfes.”

Two years later on the spring of 1616, Rolfe took her to England where the Virginia Company of London used her in their propaganda campaign to support the colony. She was wined and dined and taken to theaters. It was recorded that on one occasion when she encountered John Smith (who was also in London at the time), she was so furious with him that she turned her back to him, hid her face, and went off by herself for several hours. Later, in a second encounter, she called him a liar and showed him the door.

Rolfe, his young wife, and their son set off for Virginia in March of 1617, but “Rebecca” had to be taken off the ship at Gravesend. She died there on March 21, 1617, at the age of 21. She was buried at Gravesend, but the grave was destroyed in a reconstruction of the church. It was only after her death and her fame in London society that Smith found it convenient to invent the yarn that she had rescued him.

History tells the rest. Chief Powhatan died the following spring of 1618. The people of Smith and Rolfe turned upon the people who had shared their resources with them and had shown them friendship. During Pocahontas’ generation, Powhatan’s people were decimated and dispersed and their lands were taken over. A clear pattern had been set which would soon spread across the American continent.

-Chief Roy Crazy Horse

It is unfortunate that this sad story, which Euro-Americans should find embarrassing, Disney makes “entertainment” and perpetuates a dishonest and self-serving myth at the expense of the Powhatan Nation.


Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is as
pagan as they come. Read on. If we are going to observe holidays, national or otherwise, it would be well to make sure that they have a pure origin. If we wish to honor the Creator then we need to make sure that we do not create our own ways of doing so. Are you interested in learning the historical facts about Thanksgiving? Let’s not assume that we have no need for further enlightenment
or no need to advance beyond our present

When we first began observing the Creators feasts (appointed times), it was easy to see the pagan underpinnings of Easter, Halloween and Christmas. We figured that our National holidays (July 4 th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, etc.) were all safe. Were we ever wrong! After learning the truth behind Thanksgiving, it too has been jettisoned along with the other pagan holidays. The following information is an excerpt from a chapter in an up-and-coming book of our friend, Catherine Sinclair.

Thanksgiving for the annual harvest is one of the oldest holidays known to man though celebrated on different dates. The Chinese and Hindus are said to have celebrated harvest feasts thousands of years ago. The Israelites were instructed to keep the feast of Tabernacles (Sukkoth) a celebration, a holy convocation that was to last eight days. The Old Testament is replete with commands to gather harvest and rejoice. The most well known are found in Deut. 16:14 and Lev. 23:10 .

The ancient Greek harvest festival was called Thesmophora and celebrated Demeter, the founder and goddess of the harvests. The symbols of Demeter were poppies and ears of corn, a basket of fruit and a little pig. The Roman goddess of the harvest, Ceres (from whom we get our word cereal) had a festival, which occurred on October 4 th and was called the Cerelia.

Symbols of Thanksgiving or

Symbols of the Fruitful Goddess and her Fertility Rites

Cornucopias – In Greek Mythology, the horn of Amalthea (the name of the goat who suckled Zeus) became known as the cornucopia or horn of plenty. ISIS (the Egyptian faithful wife, mother, and goddess) was identified with Hathor, the HORNED COW Goddess. Horns are still used in pagan festivals today.

Harvest Queen – A name given to Ceres the Roman goddess of agriculture and crops or to a young woman chosen from among the reapers to whom was given a post of honor at the harvest home. Also the 1948 edition of The Universal World Reference Encyclopedia tells us, “Demeter, the Greek version of the Egyptian goddess Isis and Roman version of Ceres, is one of the principle Grecian deities, the great mother goddess, the nourishing and fertilizing principles of nature.”

Corn – represents Ceres, the corn goddess (agriculture and crops) or Xilonen -goddess of the new corn.

Poppies – Ceres corresponds with Isis of the Egyptians and Demeter of the Greeks. She is represented with a garland of ears of grain on her head, holding in one hand a lighted torch and in the other a poppy, which was sacred to her.

Piglet (Sow)- Demeter was presented with a cow and a sow as well as honey, poppies, corn and fruit indicating thanksgiving for a land of plenty. [Swine are an abomination to YHWH, see Isaiah 65:3 & 4.]

Thanksgiving – a holiday, or holy day? Remember YHWH has given, through His Holy Scriptures His holy days. YHWH tells His people to keep His feasts in Leviticus 23. He says these are signs for His people. The Feast of Tabernacles is the only feast to be celebrated as the feast of ingathering for His people.

In England , the autumnal feast was called Harvest Home and was derived from the druidical harvest feast. [The druids are the most openly Satanic in their form of worship.] This three-day feast began with a special service at the village church, which had been decorated for the occasion with fruit and flowers, afterwards followed a communal dinner. In America the celebration of Thanksgiving sprang up haphazardly and was celebrated, if at all, on different days in different parts of the country.

Here in America , the Puritans originally shunned the Harvest Home (Thanksgiving). All Saint’s days were swept off the calendar as well as Christmas and Easter, on the grounds that these mixed “popish” rituals with pagan customs. Their religious beliefs as well as the austerity and difficulty of their lives in the rather primitive settlement, did not permit them the luxury of gay and merry holidays. Their severe living conditions required discipline and sacrifice. Later, Thanksgiving, a holiday thanking God for the harvest enabling them to survive the winter, seemed to them to be a more fitting celebration than the other more established feasts of the church. But was it the right decision?

Now let’s take a closer look at our Thanksgiving holiday, today, celebrated by nearly all in the United States , and in different countries throughout the world. In 1620, as the story goes, the small band of Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony braved the perilous North Atlantic in quest of religious freedom. Instead of landing in spring and further south as planned, they landed in the winter months (November) and faced a harsh winter with meager supplies. Those meager supplies dwindled rapidly, leaving only 55 of the original 102 to survive till spring. Because the summer was blessed with sunshine and rain and the autumn harvest was bountiful, the Pilgrim colony, appropriately grateful established a three-day feast of Thanksgiving. Today, being taught this understanding of Thanksgiving, nearly all Americans celebrate this holiday believing it pure and holy, a day thought to be closer to really pleasing and praising God with thanksgiving than any other. However … is it?

Thanksgiving Veneer Exposed

The first veneer layer (liar): The Plymouth Colony was not the first English Colony to land in America , nor were they the first to offer thanks.

The second layer: The first Thanksgiving was held August 9, 1607 , by colonists enroute to found the short lived Popham Colony at what is now Phippsburg , Maine . After their two ships had reached one of the George’s Islands off the Maine Coast , they gave “God” thanks for their “happy metinge and saffe aryval into the country.” The first permanent English settlement in America was founded at Jamestown , VA 1607. As early as December 4, 1619 the settlers set aside a day to give thanks for the survival of their small company. Their day of thanks continued to be observed on December 4, until 1622, when a conflict with Indians almost devastated the colony.

The third layer: The historical official pilgrim Thanksgiving Day, was not even a day completely given to thanks and praise to God as some believe we do today. This day was a show of military power for the Indians as seen in the following article:

“The first autumn, an ample harvest insured that the colony would have food for the winter months. Governor Bradford, with one eye on the divine Providence , proclaimed a day of thanksgiving to God, and with the other eye on the local political situation, extended an invitation to neighboring Indians to share in the harvest feast. In order to guarantee that the feast served to cement a peaceful relationship, the three-day long feast was punctuated by displays of the power of English muskets for the benefit of suitably impressed Indian guests.” Thanksgiving, an American Holiday , an American History by Diana Karter Applebaum

Fourth Veneer layer: As much as we’d like to think of Thanksgiving as a pure and holy holiday begun by the Pilgrims in Plymouth in 1621 it is not the truth. On the contrary, the Pagan harvest festival can be traced to the land of Ancient Babylon and the worship of the Great Mother (whore).

“The Christians took over the Roman holiday and it became well established in England , where some of the Roman customs and rituals for this day were observed long after the Roman Empire had disappeared.

“In England the “harvest home” has been observed continuously for centuries. The custom was to select a harvest queen for this holiday. She was decorated with the grain of their fields and the fruit of their trees. On Thanksgiving Day she was paraded throughout the streets in a carriage drawn by white horses. This was a remnant of the Roman ceremonies in honor of Ceres. But the English no longer thought of Ceres or cared much about her. They went to church on this day and sang their Thanksgiving songs.” Our Wonderful World by Grolier Incorporated, New York , 1966, Vol. 17, pp. 220.

The Primitive Fertility Religions have been portrayed through “cute” stories which effectively HID the VILE, HIDEOUS MEANING behind them. This WORSHIP during the day of “Thanksgiving” is emphatically the Ancient Fertility Rites merely veneered with the so called “respectability” of Christianity! The fact remains, that it is still the Ancient Fertility Worship.

“But,” you say, “Weren’t our Pilgrim Father’s righteous?” I can tell you the Pilgrims only served YHWH as far as they would. Definitely, the Pilgrims worshipped on Sunday and they definitely did not keep the Holy Feast Days as ordained in Leviticus 23. They did not keep the clean and unclean food laws as listed in Leviticus 11 and Deut. 14. As the Pilgrims studied the Bibles they had, they would have read of the Sabbath, Holy Feast Days and about the clean and unclean food laws for themselves. I ask you now, “Why did they not obey God by doing what he commanded in Ex 20, Lev. 11 & 23 and Deut. 14?”

Like so many Christian churches and denominations today, the Pilgrims wanted to do it their way and not YHWH’s way. Is it any wonder then, that the Pilgrims would be just as deceived as the churches and assemblies of today–chasing after Baptized Paganism? However, there has always been an advocate for the TRUTH through out all ages, not all our early fathers were deceived. As for me and my house we shall serve YHWH, says Joshua the successor of Moses. Can we say that with conviction? May our Father in Heaven have great mercy on us as we continue to study the origins of these holidays which have sought to usurp the authority, praise and worship of our Heavenly Father, Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, Revelation 14:7.


To My Ancestors

…this message is for you.

I am sorry that you get no rest nor sleep
…neither do your future children.

I am sorry you threw down our birthright
…but some of your children have picked it up.

I am sorry that people speak lies upon your graves
…all the while claiming they have truth.

I am sorry that your children still weep for you
…instead of learning the valiant lesson you taught.

I am sorry that people walk upon your graves
…all the while celebrating a false fat feast.

I am sorry your children have forgotten who you were
…and more importantly, forgotten who they are.

I am sorry that you had to make a choice to give up your life
…but thank you for the gift of life you unselfishly gave to me.

I am sorry… my ancestors,
but by returning to our birthright, I am removing this sorry.

To change what has happened in the past
…only removes oneself from the future.

It’s all in the Heart

Deuteronomy 5:29
O that there were such an heart in them,
that they would fear me,
and keep all my commandments always,
that it might be well with them,
and with their children for ever!

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