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Sing the Name

YHWH - SingTheName


Taste the Meat

YHWH - TasteTheMeat

Name of Generations

YHWH - NameOfGenerations

Shut the Door

YHWH - ShutTheDoor


YHWH - Backsliders

Ravening Wolves

YHWH - raveningwolves

Fields of White


The Native American prophecy of the white buffalo states that when it is born, the day of the YHWH is at hand. In 1994 this white buffalo was born. Since then other white animals have started to appear. These are not albinos.

John 4:35
Say not ye, There are yet four months,
and then cometh harvest*?
behold, I say unto you,
Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields*;
for they are white already to harvest.

Harvest: G2326 – therismos
def: referring to time of reaping, the final judgment

Fields: G5561 – chōra
def: the (rural) region surrounding a city or village, the country

Appearance of these white animals is a sign of great urgency for the earth and man as a whole. It is said, the appearance of such colored animals is a sign calling for us to unite as a people and walk as one. Otherwise, the day of darkness will soon come, Amos 5:20.

Apart from the prophesied white Buffalo’s, of which one was murdered, showing the White Message is not being received. Other rare and beautiful white animals have begun to appear the world over. Many appearing in the last few years and during or after world events that call for peace.

Besides my videos, others are showing this phenomenon of white animals as well. For it is increasing in animals and locations around the world.

Messiah instructed, to love thy neighbor and to be one. To see past the color of skin, location or nationality and to come together as brethren of earth Mother and sky Father, YHWH.

The white animals are a sign that man is going the wrong way, that we are nearing the harvest. For the fields are going white!





Name of Salvation


Which Elohim do you follow?

Name2•Micah 4:5
For all people will walk every one
in the name of his elohim,
and we will walk in the name of YHWH
our Elohim for ever and ever.

Which Elohim do you follow… one with 4 letters?

– YHWH: found in stone (Jeremiah 6:16).

•Proverbs 18:10
The name of YHWH is a strong tower:
the righteous runneth into it,
and is safe.

Or one found among men* (Matthew 25:1-12, Revelation 3:16)?

– Yahuah: invented by a man L.White (Matthew 15:9).
– Yahuwah: invented by a man M.Manning (Psalm 139:20).
– Yahwah: invented by a man J.Kirk (Titus 1:14).
– Yehweh: invented by a woman J.Lythgoe (1Timothy 2:12).
– Jehovah: invented by a man R.Marti (Psalm 74:18).
– Yahweh: Jupiter, a deity of Rome (Acts 19:35).
– God: a Babylonian deity of fortune (Isaiah 65:11-14).
– Lord (Adonai): Ba’al himself (1Kings 18:21).

•Matthew 24:4-5
And Messiah YHWH answered and said unto them,
Take heed that no man deceive you.
For many shall come in my name, saying,
I am the Messiah;
and shall deceive many.

*A weak argument: vowels must be inserted for pronunciation.

•Revelation 22:18
For I testify unto every man
that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book,
If any man shall add unto these things,
YHWH shall add unto him the plagues
that are written in this book:

•Exodus 20:7
Thou shalt not take the name of YHWH thy Elohim in vain;
for YHWH will not hold him guiltless
that taketh his name in vain.

Who is teaching you… man or the Spirit (John 14:26)?

•Isaiah 59:19
So shall they fear the name of YHWH from the west,
and his glory from the rising of the sun.
When the enemy shall come in like a flood,
the Spirit of YHWH shall lift up a standard against him.


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