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Domino Effect

Domino EffectThe domino effect is a chain reaction that occurs when a small change causes a similar change nearby, which then causes another similar change, and so on in linear  sequence. The term is best known as a mechanical effect, and is used as an analogy to a falling row of dominoes.  It typically refers to a linked sequence of events where the time between successive events is relatively small. It can be used literally (an observed series of actual collisions) or metaphorically (causal linkages within systems such as global finance or politics).

As we can see by recent events in the news, another domino effect is happening.  Guns are a hot topic these days.  They have been for quite some time.  However, suddenly it is the forefront of conversations around the USA.  As the Newtown publicity has captured the hearts and minds of millions, other stories are rising regarding shootings.  At malls, in parking lots, kids carrying in backpacks for protection.  It is awfully interesting to see how much of the news is focused on this.  My question is, how much of what we are exposed to is legitimate?

To the parents, I ask you this.  How many guns were confiscated from your child’s school?  Does your child go through metal detectors upon entering the school?  Is your child being scanned (AKA radiated) with metal detectors individually as TSA does in airports?  Are backpacks allowed in school?  If your child has high security measures implemented in their school, did anything in particular happen within its walls to have such security?  For I am aware of inner city schools, in our area, that chose security measures due to kids bringing in knives and other dangerous items to hurt other students.  Due to much fighting and threats from angry students inner city violence has ventured outwards to the suburbs due to school choice in our area.  Certain districts  felt security measures must be tight, considering some of the lifestyles many children were raised in.

Disregarding the previous paragraph on grounds of legitimacy, my main question is…did the security systems come into play at many  schools due to  true violence within their schools, or were they put into play due to something the media ravishingly published for all to focus on?

I ask this because my children are blessed enough not to go through that at this time.  Yet in saying this, their school district is rethinking their security measures due to something that happened a few states away.  Yes…the domino effect has begun here.  Logically, prevention is better than aftermath.  Nip it in the butt before it becomes an issue.  However, the deeper issue at hand is who is profiting from all this?  Who is making the major buckaroos installing security measures?  And are these publicized school shootings drills in disguise to give some major company millions of dollars?  For if we become objective rather than emotional and truly look deeply, we realize what we see can not be as they say.  Not to say all school shootings are a hoax.  However, we know the media lies.  We understand who controls the media and can grasp that all media sources aid in steering public opinion.

Next, let’s talk about the guns!  Let’s talk about the right to defend oneself when given the opportunity to do so because of the average Joe Schmoe criminal.  With Walmart and Dick’s as two major companies discussing changes regarding gun sales and removing guns from their stores, we need to question who is this helping?  For we all understand that criminals will get guns no matter what the laws are.  And they can get any gun they want!  The black market will skyrocket and the average citizen will be targeted at a greater rate.  Heck, take away a citizen’s right to carry and it’s a free for all!

So, yet again, we can discuss the above and go round and round the merry go round.  My husband and I were discussing earlier the greater agenda.  Who are they trying to wean out?  Which company is under fire that must be squashed?  For their world is not ours, yet boy do they ever influence ours!  It is looking at the entire picture of what is being shown to us.  For a magician has many tricks up his sleeve and can easily distract the audience, creating an illusion for all to view.  Yes, there will be those scarce few who see the trick for what it is but they are few and far between.  And that is what they depend upon!

Considering the time we live in.  A time of great deceptions upon the earth, families will suffer greatly due to the amount of domino effects brought forth.  We can discuss the economy, we can discuss the government, health care, RFID chips etc etc.  We can discuss all of it.  Each item when brought into the lime light creates its own entity of dominoes.  I would love to know how much brought forth are truly legitimate.  I’d love to know what the world would be like without media influencing our minds and our decision  making.  For with each major story, comes a consequence the citizens must pay.  For underneath the  surface always lies the wolf in Grandmother’s nightie.  And while we give up our freedoms for the sake of safety, we can honestly say…each domino effect throughout history has taken away our freedom beyond imagination.


Red riding hood


Red:   My oh my Grandmother!
blankbox     blankbox    What big eyes you have!

WolfThe better to see you, my dear.

Red:   Oh Grandmother!
      blankbox     blankboxWhat big teeth you have!

We all know what the wolf says!


Isaiah 59:3-4

For your hands are defiled with blood,
and your fingers with iniquity;
your lips have spoken lies,
your tongue hath muttered perverseness.
None calleth for justice,
nor any pleadeth for truth:
they trust in vanity,
and speak lies;
they conceive mischief,
and bring forth iniquity.

How many more dominoes will fall before the Storm Begins?
Only YHWH knows!

Verily I say unto you,
This generation shall not pass,
till all these things be fulfilled.

Heaven and earth shall pass away,
but my words shall not pass away.

But of that day and hour knoweth no man,
no, not the angels of heaven,
but my Father only.

Soy Candles


We make our own candles as we do not like paraffin (petroleum) candles. Being they give off toxins and soot. And this soot can be a real menace at times.

We have tried a few waxes and prefer EcoSoya CB-135. It easily melts (double boiler or microwave), and has very little shrinkage. Clean up from spills or used candles is just soap and warm water.

Click the image to the right to get some for yourself. We have many Mason jar candles in our preps for emergency light, as well as a hanging Mason jar candle in every room. During the last power outage, we burned some of our candles for days, yet they were not even 1/3rd burned down.

Changing BOBs


I have watched prep videos of all types, styles and varieties and I have set up the family on BOB’s. But then I got to thinking, as I walked around the house with my BOB on. Realizing the weight, the bulkiness, the swaying of the pack as I turned or moved. I knew this had to be corrected as this just would not be feasible in an actual ‘hit the streets‘ moment.

So I split the BOB’s up into smaller packs that work and are rated in order of importance.

1st – Trail Bag:
This was a great find at Dick’s Sporting Goods. An over sized fanny pack more or less that fits all of our bare necessities from first-aid to fire starting to personal hygiene, even an extra pair of socks. This bag is rated highest importance.

2nd – Water/Food Sling:
A sling that goes across our chest to carry 2 water bottles. Only 1 bottle is actually water as the space for the 2nd is where our food storage is. This bag is rated as 2nd in importance.

3rd – Walking Stick:
We have trekking poles but are in the slow process of carving our own wood walking sticks. On the sticks is a knife, compass and 50 feet of para-cord. This tool is rated 3rd in importance.

4th – Clothing Bag:
What was our BOB is now just a back pack to hold an extra pair of clothing, extra water bottle and a few miscellaneous items. This bag is rated least in importance.

We see it as if an emergency happens, where we need to run for our lives. The clothing bag can be let go first for weight and speed. The next item to lose would be the walking stick, if not use in a battle situation. Then the water/food sling would be lost and finally the trail bag is last. For if it is lost, one has lost all means of survival unless one has 100% knowledge of old school methods.

This takes the typical 1 bag BOB and divides the weight up around the body so it is more stable and easier to bear. Not to mention making it easier to reach items as needed without tearing the bag apart. And if need be, all items are not lost with a single bag. The old motto…. don’t keep all your eggs in one basket.

Cleaning Out

My husband recently posted Graven Images.  Anything we post regarding change is something we ourselves take to heart and are doing ourselves.  This past week our youngest daughter has taken the Graven Images challenge of cleaning out her room of all things given to her, that she bought or that she herself became obsessed with in her life.  From stuffed animals to trinkets and anything that could be an idol of any sort.

Within a few hours, she went through a few different emotions.  First it was, OK.  Time to do it!  Then as she went through things, she realized it was a lot harder than it seemed. Memories came into play.   Once she realized presents given to her from her best friends in Europe, here, were all things that were considered idols, her mood changed.  It became difficult.  We explained to her, this was something between her and YHWH.  What would she choose if YHWH stood before her and told her what was good to have and not so good.  She chose correctly.  In the end, she boxed all her belongings together and threw each item into it with passion.  A sarcastic passion.  Once that was over, the most surprising statement came out of her mouth.

“Mom, I’m so much lighter now!  I feel so good!”

In the photo above, the letters show all natural made items used to decorate this living area.  Not one idol is found.  Yet, it is a warm and inviting atmosphere.

As we look around, we can see many people gather things, collect things.  Many can become hoarders of  different sorts.  Revealing that items can become obsessions in their lives.  From sports items to trinkets.  Screaming out…“I HAVE TO HAVE THAT”.  Whatever we are told we must have, we tend to gravitate towards and fall into the snares.

One thing that we see during our own personal clean outs is that we can get very creative.  We realized we can have a very unique surrounding without the typical stuff.  All of us in the house have something creative built within us.  Therefore, we have chosen to utilize our creative minds towards making an  environment with nature.  This has made the change a lot easier for us as we love the great outdoors  and how it makes us feel.  As well, abstract art can come into play.  For once we realized that we can build a new environment with other treasures that do not involve faces, animals, or representations  there of, it got our mindset to a new level of beauty and treasures.  It has opened our eyes to  how each item YHWH has made is a precious gift to us to behold and appreciate.  From a leaf on a tree to a blade of grass.

We can use our Peanut’s bird cage as an example.  For we made it a very natural setting for her.  With twigs and leaves surrounding her, a man made nest for her to snuggle in made from wild grass etc.  Her cage is beautiful and her safe haven.  In all the freedom she has with us, she gravitates to her natural environment as her favorite spot.  She plays peek a boo through the leaves.  She snuggles for bedtime amidst her tree branches inside her cage.  In observing her and our own surroundings, we can understand how animals relate to nature in ways man can’t comprehend.  And though little Peanut is in a man made environment for her, we have utilized real tree branches, grass and weeds to make her home as comfortable as possible.

This clean out is teaching us how to appreciate the gifts YHWH has given us so we may interact with YHWH at a cleaner, more natural level.  For life is within each item.  An energy not found in manufactured items.  What life is found in a plastic doo dad or trinket?  There is no life in those but the energy we put into each item, placing it before us as something special.  When in actuality, the most special items of all are right outside our doors.  The true gifts for man from YHWH!

Cannabis, the Green Meat

More to come….

Pressure Canning Milk


This past year has been filled with learning to pressure can food. Anything and everything we could think of, that we knew we would eat, we have tried.

I will say, some of our attempts were a bit disappointing, but for the most part, we have been pleased.  As we are still learning new things all the time in this department of our lives, Minister QuietBuck and I are very happy with our decision on taking on this endeavor.

One item in particular that I am grateful for is learning to can milk.  Though most canning sites only share canning information for fresh  goats milk, I was lucky enough to begin a conversation with someone who had canned milk from the super market. (Which, by the way, began a beautiful friendship with much sharing in food preservation and other wonderful things)
An important note that she shared with me, is  the lower the fat % the whiter the milk is after being canned.  The higher the % the more color it will have like condensed milk from the super market shelves.  She stated how simple it is, so we took the dare and canned several gallons of 1% milk. To this day, they are fine.

How does one can milk from the grocery store?

After  sterilizing all the  jars, let them cool down before pouring in the milk. This prevents the jars from cracking.  Once the jars are cooled pour the milk to about 1″ from the top of the jar. (Refer to photo above) Always make sure to wipe off any drippings with a sterile cloth before applying the lids and rings. This is extremely important when canning any food item.  If anything is left upon the rim it can cause bad seals or even cause bacteria and mold to grow.  Also, if one touches the jars and does not ensure they are sterilized, bacteria can form and ugly ugly things can happen!

Once the above steps are taken, ensure the lids are sealed tight, but not too tight that you can’t twist them off.

Depending upon your altitude, you will need to learn the pounds for pressure.  For us, it is 10 lbs on the weight.

I put 2-3″ or so of water in the pressure canner.  Once all the jars are in the canner, the water should not go over the lids.  When I have finished placing all the jars into the canner and the water level is proper, I seal the lid.   I turn the heat on high and wait for the famous whistle to go off for 10 lbs. I  then place the weight for 10 lbs on the steamer nob while watching the needle rise for the correct pound amount.  (Again, due to altitude, your lbs may differ)  Once it hits the 10 lb point, I adjust the heat to keep it at 10 lbs.  You do not want to go below or above the level of your altitude.  It must be kept steady.

Initially, I canned milk in quarts, however we decided that was too much for our needs.  Now I only can milk in pints.

If you choose to use quarts, what I did was put the timer on 5 minutes after the the canner went to 10 lbs.   After the timer went off, I turned off the heat, not removing the pressure canner from the burner until it was time to remove the weight and canner lid.

For pints, however, once it begins to whistle then weight placed on; as soon as it reaches 10 lbs, I turn off the heat immediately.  Again, not removing the canner from the burner.  Once the lb arrow goes down to zero, I first remove the weight to insure all the pressure is let out.  (We don’t remove it sooner)  I then remove the cover and  jars, placing them on towels on the counter to cool off. (The towels prevent cracking as well)  Soon the plink plink plinks will begin, sharing with us that they have been properly sealed.

Once they are cooled off enough, remove the rings and wash the jars.  Especially around the threads of the jars.  Leave the lid alone, as that may still be a bit sensitive, but most likely not.  You can clean that later after they are all cooled off.   The milk can dry up and create a super glue effect that can make for some difficulties later on.  Always test the lids to insure they are truly sealed before putting them away.

We then date them and store them away until needed.  Simple as that!!!

•Another side note, inside the jar, there will appear to be tiny white balls.  Those are fine.  Nothing to worry about.  You may have noticed them in the photo above.

I use the milk when making breads mostly or scrambled eggs and omelets.  We’ve also used them in cereal if we run out of milk from the fridge.  I must say, none of us have gotten sick nor died, so we know they are good!

This is the All American Canner we have in our home.  Initially I felt quite intimidated by the idea of canning.  That big ole cooking thing with some whistling numbered whatchamacallit had me in the stages of…well, we can do this tomorrow.  (There is nothing to fear but fear itself came into play as tomorrow became almost a week.)  I was quite overwhelmed by this monstrosity!  I avoided it for as long as I could for fear of the lid exploding off, something bad happening, hearing in my head “be careful, you might poke your eye out!”  However, we were Successful!!!  No traumatic events happened at all! No cracked jars, no burns on us, not a single thing went wrong!  It was an expensive item that we thought long and hard on, and I believe it is one of the best tools we have in our home for preserving food!

Here is an illustration from a great site on canning all kinds of food.

One thing to note  is how very important it is to insure to adjust the burner temperature accordingly for anything you can.  If you keep the heat on high, it can affect the lbs/time.  You want the weight to stay at the lb limit for your altitude. I find that when I turn the heat to a tich above Medium heat it holds the 10 lbs perfectly.
Our very first project was canning meatloaf of all things.  We are still enjoying them.  They do end up looking like canned dog food, but the flavor is amazing!

My daughter’s friends always ask for the meatloaf when they come over!  So, even kids enjoy it.

Other items we have canned are potatoes, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes as a few examples.  Our potatoes had mixed outcomes. (as revealed in another post  titled Canning Potatoes ) Some were fantastic, others not so much.  We believe the amount of water in the jar effected the outcome.

In conclusion, for anyone interested in canning…do not be intimidated by it.  It is rewarding, fun and beneficial during these times.  It is a huge money saver, even after the investment of the Pressure Canner itself.  We have cut our grocery costs more than half.  Now we only run for milk and a few basics more than anything.  I encourage everyone to learn this wonderful technique for storing food.

Unclean Animal List

Leviticus 11:47
To make a difference between the unclean and the clean,
and between the beast that may be eaten and the beast that may not be eaten.

My husband and I have been focused on cleaning our house.  Our shelter house, our inner house and our physical house.   First we began with idols, which has been a process and still is.  Mixed into that we researched into clothing.  Another item we are still working on.  And for more reasons than one, our food intake.

I have suffered from severe headaches since I was about 5 years old.  In the past I have seen countless doctors, had MRI’s, CT scans…tried every top medication for migraines etc.  Not a single thing worked.  Therefore, I gave up.  Literally gave up and had succumb to the fact that I would suffer the rest of my days in pain.  I also struggle with digestive issues.  I was able to change my diet enough to prevent GERD outbreaks and severe heartburn amidst other annoying aches and pains.  However, they did not take away the headaches.

My husband began to pay very close attention and ruled out many items.  Then one day  he happened upon high acid diets and the results.  Therefore, I have been very focused as of late on balancing the intake of alkaline and acid within my diet.  Which by far, I have seen the best results.  Especially with headaches.

As we continue our studies on diet and health, we reflected back upon times we looked up the clean and unclean foods.  We knew about swine/pork, shell fish etc.  But never really saved or copied the entire listing of foods scripture tells us to abstain from.  Until recently, we have tried to be better at food, however were not solely focused upon it as we are now.

The above photo gives a list of unclean foods.  If you research each item listed, there is plenty of information as to why these foods are not good for us.  How they can effect our heart, blood, liver, energy levels,colon, cause cancer etc. etc.  Scripture never lies…and has proven itself over and over to us.  Confirming that YHWH knows exactly what He is doing and why.  Not only confirming that, but confirming the Word is true!

I find it the best research we have done lately.  We know raw foods keep their energy frequency and if steamed lose a percentage.  If cooked a good majority of the energy we need for our systems is removed.  As we are filled with energy from the foods we do consume, is it not wise to ensure we are feeding our body with foods that cleanse, heal and rejuvenate rather than filled with items that can harm us?

Research the animals listed above and see how many are consumed in your own home. (Excluding the obvious ones such as elephants and gorillas)  But also understand many animals  such as elephants are within many common products that we use as well.  This task can be quite an overwhelming one to take upon oneself.  However, once the knowledge is gained and understood, it is well worth the effort.  I will say this, I certainly feel better for it!

Consequences of Eating Pork

Leviticus 11:7-8
And the swine,
though he divide the hoof,
and be clovenfooted,
yet he cheweth not the cud;
he is unclean to you.
Of their flesh shall ye not eat,
and their carcase shall ye not touch;
they are unclean to you.

Solar Rock Cutting?

Could it be this simple?

The other day I did a post on my Facebook page about the Fresnel
lens and how it can melt a padlock (see video). A Fresnel lens is not
much more than facets cut into plastic or glass. In turn making a
magnifying lens on steroids so to speak.

So the wife and I got to talking the other night… Could this be how those in the past cut rock and cut it so precisely? Being today we have a Fresnel lens from plastic that focuses the suns’ power to about 1″ or so. And we can see at this focal point it can burn rock, sticks, water, etc.

So what would happen if one cut a diamond or a crystal with facets (like a diamond on a ring) to mimic a Fresnel lens? With the precision of diamonds or quarts being over plastic. Could one then get a beam of light focused even smaller than 1 inch? Maybe even down to almost the thickness of a hair (sounds like a modern day laser)? Could this be how they so precisely cut through stone so they could fit side by side with such accuracy? Yet no real tools or methods are found. For it was most likely nothing more than a cut piece of quarts on a stick. Almost like what we would call a surveyors instrument today.

Something to think about…..

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