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Tell A Lie Vision

Tell-a-lie-Vision = Tell a lie to the eyes

Do you believe everything you see on the Tell-a-lie-Vision set?

Did you not see on 9/11 two office buildings fully in use?
Did you not see hundreds of cops, fire trucks and EMTs?
Did you not see hundreds if not thousands of people?

You “saw” all that cause the Tell-a-lie-Vision told you so.
But what really did the scene look like that day?

Notice the empty plaza, the lack of people, trucks.
Notice the numerous boarded up windows on the Towers.
Are you sure you know what happened that day?

Do you understand the digital deception that is before your eyes? This is not new, but has been going on since the beginning of the TV. For it was introduced as a mind tool, entertainment is the illusion.

The wife and I have gone over half a decade without a Tell-a-lie-Vision set in the house. We will never go back to using one, for we easily see the damage it does. We would highly advise you to do the same, for it causes more harm than one can see or understand while one is under the spell of the magical box.

Back in the day, people use to call the TV the Devil’s eye. They were not far off, for the TV set of today does more than just showing pretty pictures.


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