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Solar Rock Cutting

Sitting here this morning, pondering over my thoughts on this idea of cutting rock with the sun. Applying my engineering knowledge to the situation,  I had a revelation. Even could picture it set up and operating in my mind.

Lay the desired stone out so it faces north to south, meaning the desired cut is facing east to west. We know those in Egypt understood this simple principle and mastered it being the Pyramids are in alignment.

Over the stones fasten a wooden arch, similar to a small sapling tree bent over the stone. On top of the arch place the quartz Fresnel lens.

As the sun rises, it will come through the lens at an angle. As it rises and then sets throughout the day. It will then cut through the entire stone from side to side by using the path of the sun as the precision guide and saw blade.

Would there be any residue of such a thing happening? Yes, for the granules of rock that are melted away would turn to glass. This is easily noted in the video I shared on the previous post under this topic. As the person melted crushed rock into a ball of glass. Do we find glass in the desert of Egypt today? Yes we do, its called Libyan desert glass.

I am by far no expert in this field.
But to me it looks like a duck… and quacks like a duck.


My Pet Goat

We heard the children read on Sept 11, 2001 from My Pet Goat and their words: kite, hit, steel, plane, must.

What were the children doing? If we define what the kids were reading, the reality of the matter comes to focus. Lets define the words used that day that change the world.

H344 hawk, root H337 alas!, woe!

H4672 to find, attain to

H5178 lust, harlotry, meaning dubious

H6196 plane tree, as stripped of bark, root H6191, subtle, shrewd, crafty
Webster, level of existence, consciousness

G1163 necessity in reference to what is required to attain some end

They said…
Alas, to attain/find a dubious outcome. A level of shrewdness necessary
in reference to what is required to attain some end.

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