The Sea


There is a sea that covers the land with waves that  crash to and fro. 
Back and forth and back again leaving behind beauty or destruction.
Above the waters the clouds thicken, casting a shadow over head.

The sea cannot see the storm, it has no mind with that.
Though the waves crash harder with the darkening sky,
the sea continues to leave debris and swallow up the dead.
“Look out, the Storm’s ahead, a fire is in the sky!”
The waves just crash and go with the flow
barely retreating as the storm thunders by.

An emptiness fills the birds above as they watch the water’s vortex.
While thunder roars across the sky with lightening on its path,
The sea cannot hear
It does not care that these clouds will bring great wrath.

Instead the sea just flows back and forth
with clovers round the edges.
Doing what the sea does best, moving sand within the ball.

Psalm 14:2
YHWH looked down from heaven upon the children of men,
to see if there were any that did understand, and seek YHWH.


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