Oh for the glory of YHWH, I shall not be weary!

Glorious Day

Hi all!

Today is a glorious day in YHWH. Every day is a glorious day in YHWH!!!

As many of you know, I have been battling Fibromyalgia. It’s been quite the journey this past 3 1/2 months as I never know what type of pain day I will have when I wake up each morning. I feel blessed, nonetheless. Last night we bought a 3 wheeled walker for the house and today came my wheelchair.

This morning, I returned home from an appointment, and as I parked our car in the garage, along came the Fed-Ex man. Perfect timing! I can honestly say, I never thought I’d be excited about getting a wheelchair. Mind you, it’s not a FT mobility item. Rather it is for when we go out food shopping or on errands and we know we will be out for several hours. I cannot trust my legs anymore nor my balance with my legs getting ridiculously tired so easily now. Once I start using it, I plan on learning to do wheelies! Oh yes I do!

Okay, maybe not right away, but the thought sounds fun! For even as I type this, my neck feels like it is on fire,my fingertips feel as if I placed them all on medium hot burners while the Incredible Hulk is squeezing my palms and dare I have the energy to scream “MERCY!!!” So perhaps wheelies won’t be my first attempts. (Maybe in the next week or so…Oh Yes!!!)

See, what I am learning about this fibrowhosamacallit, is that it shows random behaviors. It can behave itself or it can flare up into full tantrums. It can burn like fire, or cut like a knife. It can smack you upside the head or hit you with a baseball bat. It can walk away gracefully or come at you kicking and screaming. It does what it does and through all its colors and faces, each person has learned to carry a strength inside to deal with it. I try to carry a smiling face with a smiling voice. And like everyone, sometimes just trying to smile can be very painful. And here is where I am grateful. For YHWH is perfect. He has made each of us. He has given us each free will. To love Him or love the world. I have chosen Him. And because of that, no matter the pain, I still feel and have a freedom inside me that overtakes any pain and any situation. I can burn in pain, as I am right now, and instead of getting upset about it, say thank you for allowing me these experiences. Experiences I would not have if I were perfectly healthy. I get to explore a new way of living now. And know what? I thought I would be scared and upset, but I am not. I know I have YHWH. It is those who don’t know Him that I pray for. For it is better to know our Creator and be handicapped than to be in perfect health and not know Him at all.

YHWH be with you!!!

Here is a video I made this morning after watching several Fibro videos. One young man in particular touched my heart…as this is not a fun disease, he helped me to connect possibly how long I have had this. It’s funny how we do realize things, but they don’t sink in until something hits a nerve or spark inside that says….Oh…Yea, I forgot about that!!! Well, this young man set off a series of memories of High School and the pains I had not only in gym class but even outside of school at friends etc.

YHWH works through anyone and anything,and I thank Him for pointing out a few things for me today through that young man!


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