Double Sided Coin


The Deceivers (fallen ones) love to play with a double sided coin. When one wakes to the the lies of one side, they easily flip the coin and present a supposed new truth, a revelation.

But a 2 headed coin is a 2 headed coin no matter how its flipped. The truth is where scripture tells us it is, the narrow path that few find… the coins edge.

This game is played all around us, in all aspects of life.

Side 1: There is a pre trib rapture!
Side 2: There is a post trib rapture!
Edge: There is a 2nd exodus, no rapture.

Side 1: Messiah is Jesus!
Side 2: Messiah is Yahshua!
Edge: YHWH is the only saviour, Messiah is His right hand.
The hand came in the same name, YHWH.

Side 1: Take our pharmakeia pills, they will make you healthy!
Side 2: Eat our Organic foods they will make you healthy!
Edge: Plant your own garden, raise your own chickens, buy meat from a local farmer, etc. Mass produced food is tainted to keep one attached to their pills. Doctors, whom most trust, take an oath to false gods and get a kick back.

Side 1: The only religion is Christianity!
Side 2: The only religion is Judaism!
Edge: They and all religions belong to Satan. The only truth is YHWH.

Side 1: The East! NY Jets! Ford!, etc
Side 2: The West! The 49’rs! Chevrolet!, etc
Edge: It is all there to divide, so you cannot conquer them (the fallen), nothing more. East, West? Both are brothers. Sports? Idol worship. Autos? They are named after false gods, goddesses, satanic bodies and their symbols.

Side 1: Planes hit the Twin Towers!
Side 2: No planes hit the Twin Towers!
Edge: Controlled demolition for asbestoses, insurance profits, military industrial complex profits and to make 1 trade center for a 1 world government. For the 2 halves, the 2 towers, have become 1.



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