Illusions in the wind


We live in a world that is surrounded by illusions and deceptions.
It is like a strong wind.
As it blows by, you can feel it but you can not see it.  It can make you cold and cause suffering.  A high wind can cause fear while wind chimes sing loudly as the gusts rush by.

It can throw debris into your eyes so you can not see clearly, causing a temporary blindness.  Once the wind dies down, and your eyes clear up and your suffering has been relieved, life continues on as usual.  It was a slight disturbance that brought about discomfort for a short time and kept you distracted from other occurrences happening around you.  All that is left is a slight whispering tune as the chimes settle back into place.

It is what is depended upon by those who wish to create  illusions in what we call life around us.  Surely we can feel the effects their gentle breezes and high winds have upon us.  Through the economy, through fears and high emotions brought upon by the news, movies, tell a lie vision (TV) and any media source.

As the invisible wind blows past, leaves will rustle and clouds will move across the sky.  The current will pick up in the ocean and streams, lakes and rivers.  Once the wind stops the current rests.  The birds will flock back down to rest comfortably upon the waters or branches.  The discomfort has passed as life continues on.

It truly is like a roll of thunder in some areas and serene and peaceful in others.  A game played to challenge the eyes and minds of those who are observers.  Ho hum.

I like to look at life with an open mind, to see from many points of view.  This can be quite difficult, especially as we grow older and become set in our ways.  I, myself, have been guilty of being set in my ways.  Yet within that, as scales have fallen from my eyes piece by piece, I have felt a deep sorrow.  For I would like to trust what is said or shown to me.  I respect those who are true to their word and speak honestly.  I, however, walk away from those who have lied to me and tried to lead me astray.  My sorrow has grown and I have walked away from much.

I can not see the wind, instead, I listen carefully and observe my surroundings.  Will I hear it howl through the trees or rustling thickets?  Will I be able to discern which direction it is coming from?  Will I be able to determine how many miles per hour it is and be alert to its possible dangers?  How hard are the birds fighting its force during flight?  Will I be able to thwart its effects in my life?  Or will I just sit and listen and go about my business ignoring the howling and its force?

This is how I interpret the media and those who control what each person sees daily.

Compare it to the likes of a poet.   A poet describes the most beautiful flower.  The softness of its petals the colors and background.  The garden it grows in.  The morning dew upon its leaves. The gentleness of the gardener fertilizing the soil for the beautiful flower to bloom and grow.

Most will believe the poem is about a flower.  Many will try to figure out which flower is being written about.  A rose?  A hyacinth?  A tulip?  Yet, inside the poets mind is a story of a grandmother with her grandchild.  Detailing the joys of spending time together.  Nurturing a child to grow into a beautiful soul.

See how the poet can create an illusion within our minds yet the truth of the matter is, the illusion has nothing to do with what the poet truly was writing about.

We, as humans, must try to read deeply into what we are shown.  For everything we see is imprinted within us as a memory.  Within those memories are many things that are not ours.  Things we can not take ownership to, yet these memories effect our way of thinking.  Our attitudes, our wants, our desires and most importantly our fears.  Our moods are effected.  Our words spoken are directed by them.

If we can ever still our beings enough to erase the slate of what our minds have stored within them, we would be able to open our eyes with an empty page to write on.  To begin with an objective point of view rather than an emotional one.  And ever so important is to draw and write upon this page with new memories created by self experiences and not solely by the false creationists that want to scribble and graffiti their filth upon it.

Many call it “Waking Up” or an “Awakening”.   I prefer to call it being logical and smart.  Open those precious eyes  and refuse to take things at face value.  We live in a time of serious propaganda and illusions put forth to steer our thinking.  Creating group mentality.  As I always say….if they run to it, run FAR from it as FAST AS YOU CAN!

Romans 16:18
For they that are such serve not our Saviour, the Messiah,
but their own belly;

and by good words and fair speeches
deceive the hearts of the simple.

May YHWH reveal His truths and lead us all away from the lies of the false creators of our world.


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