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Today I read an article regarding an Indian woman who gave birth in an airplane restroom.  She apparently was a single woman wishing to become a doctor and being unwed, a baby would have thwarted her plans.   The article clearly shows desperation.  Desperation to a high degree.

I’m not sure whether I believe this story or not.  I decided to share both sides of thinking I had about this.  For as a woman and a mother, it is easy to go with the first feelings of sheer emotion upon reading about such actions.

While reading this article I imagined being in this woman’s position.  If this is indeed true, what made her try to flush her newborn down an airplane toilet?  I looked to my own mother’s trials while being an unwed, pregnant, young woman and what she told me she endured.  She was hidden away and locked in her room.  Covered in blankets when going into her parent’s car etc.  She was surely abused mentally due to her pregnancy with me.

Upon that thought, I wondered, what did this 22 year old Indian woman endure to make her feel so absolutely desperate to do such an act.  Was it the society she grew up in?  Was it sheer selfishness in wanting her career?  Many have stated they would not want her as a doctor, knowing she committed such an act.

My heart sighed as I read the short article.  For as a mother of 3, and as one who sacrificed my life long dream to raise them, I carry no regrets.  For my children came first before my wants and dreams.  Even as I pursued my dream after they were born, I learned, raising children became a challenging yet very rewarding life to lead.  I decided put my dream aside at it’s highest point. I have never regretted it.  Not once.  Therefore, this passage came to mind.

Psalm 127:3
Lo, children are an heritage of YHWH:
and the fruit of the womb is his reward.

For all the women in this world who yearn for a child, my heart ached.  Certainly someone would have loved to adopt this infant.  And yet a newborn came into this world to have its first breaths in a toilet?  Upon thought, it is seriously heart wrenching.  If this article is in fact a truth and not a fiction brought about to bring in readers, I can’t imagine what a beginning of life for that child.  As well, to the person who found it.

Now, on another side of this, I would like to question the story itself.

I’d like to know how this woman actually did this.  For anyone who has flown knows, the bathrooms are very tiny.  There really is not too much sound proofing.  When the newborn arrived, how did she clean up the mess from giving birth, let alone how could she have done it quietly?  For most women scream loud enough to shake a country while giving birth.  Not to mention, the body pain from it, you can’t hide the painful walk during or afterwards.  Trying to control the pain will cause  severe sweating, a red face and many moans and groans .  Let alone the pain and labor itself will make a woman look like she ran a thousand mile marathon!  Did not anyone on the plane notice?  How about when the woman went to sit back down in her seat.  Surely we all know after giving birth, sitting down is not quite an option for most women.  Did not anyone pay attention to her after leaving the bathroom? And surely, we women who have given birth know, you best be wearing an adult diaper or something due to everything that the body expels afterwards.  It is ghastly gross!  And lastly did this 22 year old woman actually believe not one person would notice her before and after?  Did she really believe she could flush a baby out of a plane and walk away Scott free?  For another woman knows the travails of labor.  Ask any mother the signs of before and after birth and let them spew out their answers.  Even in regards to easy labor.

In conclusion, if this is a made up story, it is utterly sickening.  If it is true, then we must consider how desperate this woman was to do such a heinous act.  We must look past our own lives and into hers.  It is easy to say “I wouldn’t ever do that!”  We all know that people can panic due to the fears and realities created inside them.  It is easier to judge than to think logically upon another’s actions.

John 8:7
So when they continued asking him,
he lifted up himself, and said unto them,
He that is without sin among you,
let him first cast a stone at her.

Though it is not condoning the actions, it is looking deep into why such an action would take place.  It is putting aside emotion and looking objectively. As a mother all I can say is the whole idea of this is extremely disappointing.

The article can be read here


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