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James Adair 2

If one is eastern Native American, or curious to the possibilities of the Natives being Israelites. This is a good book to read, being James Adair lived among the Natives for many years.

I am sure you will find many interesting facts and items within the pages.

History of the North American Indians
Author James Adair
History of the Indians
London: Edward & Charles Dilly, 1775

Observations on the colour, shape, temper, and dress of the Indians of America. The Indians are of a copper or red-clay colour, and they delight in every thing, which they imagine may promote and increase it: accordingly, they paint their faces with vermilion, as the best and most beautiful ingredient. If we consider the common laws of nature and providence, we shall not be surprised at this custom; for every thing loves best its own likeness and place in the creation, and is disposed to ridicule its opposite…

…Observations, and arguments, in proof of the American Indians being descended from the Jews…

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