To My Ancestors

…this message is for you.

I am sorry that you get no rest nor sleep
…neither do your future children.

I am sorry you threw down our birthright
…but some of your children have picked it up.

I am sorry that people speak lies upon your graves
…all the while claiming they have truth.

I am sorry that your children still weep for you
…instead of learning the valiant lesson you taught.

I am sorry that people walk upon your graves
…all the while celebrating a false fat feast.

I am sorry your children have forgotten who you were
…and more importantly, forgotten who they are.

I am sorry that you had to make a choice to give up your life
…but thank you for the gift of life you unselfishly gave to me.

I am sorry… my ancestors,
but by returning to our birthright, I am removing this sorry.

To change what has happened in the past
…only removes oneself from the future.


About Minister of YHWH

We turn to YHWH when our foundations are shaking, only to realize it is YHWH (Yahu) shaking them. A Minister of YHWH View all posts by Minister of YHWH

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