Sing, Sweet Child, Sing

Feast your eyes upon the morning dew
Let it absorb into your soul
Hold fast to the feeling
Try not to let it go

Gaze upon the horizon
While inhaling the subtle air
In gratitude and thankfulness
Knowing YHWH is always there

Sing, sweet child, Sing
Sing your heartfelt song
Sing, sweet child, sing
It is the essence of you within your song

If your song from the heart is filled with joy
Let it flow from your lips
If your song is a song of sorrow
Cry out
Cry out

For the ears of love do hear you
The eyes of love are upon you

For your song is a melody
That reaches far beyond these mortal walls

Breathe in the air, sweet child
Inhale the breath of life
For as it moves within the walls
Of the potters perfect you
It causes you to realize
How much life is in that morning dew



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