Changing BOBs


I have watched prep videos of all types, styles and varieties and I have set up the family on BOB’s. But then I got to thinking, as I walked around the house with my BOB on. Realizing the weight, the bulkiness, the swaying of the pack as I turned or moved. I knew this had to be corrected as this just would not be feasible in an actual ‘hit the streets‘ moment.

So I split the BOB’s up into smaller packs that work and are rated in order of importance.

1st – Trail Bag:
This was a great find at Dick’s Sporting Goods. An over sized fanny pack more or less that fits all of our bare necessities from first-aid to fire starting to personal hygiene, even an extra pair of socks. This bag is rated highest importance.

2nd – Water/Food Sling:
A sling that goes across our chest to carry 2 water bottles. Only 1 bottle is actually water as the space for the 2nd is where our food storage is. This bag is rated as 2nd in importance.

3rd – Walking Stick:
We have trekking poles but are in the slow process of carving our own wood walking sticks. On the sticks is a knife, compass and 50 feet of para-cord. This tool is rated 3rd in importance.

4th – Clothing Bag:
What was our BOB is now just a back pack to hold an extra pair of clothing, extra water bottle and a few miscellaneous items. This bag is rated least in importance.

We see it as if an emergency happens, where we need to run for our lives. The clothing bag can be let go first for weight and speed. The next item to lose would be the walking stick, if not use in a battle situation. Then the water/food sling would be lost and finally the trail bag is last. For if it is lost, one has lost all means of survival unless one has 100% knowledge of old school methods.

This takes the typical 1 bag BOB and divides the weight up around the body so it is more stable and easier to bear. Not to mention making it easier to reach items as needed without tearing the bag apart. And if need be, all items are not lost with a single bag. The old motto…. don’t keep all your eggs in one basket.


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