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Cleaning Out

My husband recently posted Graven Images.  Anything we post regarding change is something we ourselves take to heart and are doing ourselves.  This past week our youngest daughter has taken the Graven Images challenge of cleaning out her room of all things given to her, that she bought or that she herself became obsessed with in her life.  From stuffed animals to trinkets and anything that could be an idol of any sort.

Within a few hours, she went through a few different emotions.  First it was, OK.  Time to do it!  Then as she went through things, she realized it was a lot harder than it seemed. Memories came into play.   Once she realized presents given to her from her best friends in Europe, here, were all things that were considered idols, her mood changed.  It became difficult.  We explained to her, this was something between her and YHWH.  What would she choose if YHWH stood before her and told her what was good to have and not so good.  She chose correctly.  In the end, she boxed all her belongings together and threw each item into it with passion.  A sarcastic passion.  Once that was over, the most surprising statement came out of her mouth.

“Mom, I’m so much lighter now!  I feel so good!”

In the photo above, the letters show all natural made items used to decorate this living area.  Not one idol is found.  Yet, it is a warm and inviting atmosphere.

As we look around, we can see many people gather things, collect things.  Many can become hoarders of  different sorts.  Revealing that items can become obsessions in their lives.  From sports items to trinkets.  Screaming out…“I HAVE TO HAVE THAT”.  Whatever we are told we must have, we tend to gravitate towards and fall into the snares.

One thing that we see during our own personal clean outs is that we can get very creative.  We realized we can have a very unique surrounding without the typical stuff.  All of us in the house have something creative built within us.  Therefore, we have chosen to utilize our creative minds towards making an  environment with nature.  This has made the change a lot easier for us as we love the great outdoors  and how it makes us feel.  As well, abstract art can come into play.  For once we realized that we can build a new environment with other treasures that do not involve faces, animals, or representations  there of, it got our mindset to a new level of beauty and treasures.  It has opened our eyes to  how each item YHWH has made is a precious gift to us to behold and appreciate.  From a leaf on a tree to a blade of grass.

We can use our Peanut’s bird cage as an example.  For we made it a very natural setting for her.  With twigs and leaves surrounding her, a man made nest for her to snuggle in made from wild grass etc.  Her cage is beautiful and her safe haven.  In all the freedom she has with us, she gravitates to her natural environment as her favorite spot.  She plays peek a boo through the leaves.  She snuggles for bedtime amidst her tree branches inside her cage.  In observing her and our own surroundings, we can understand how animals relate to nature in ways man can’t comprehend.  And though little Peanut is in a man made environment for her, we have utilized real tree branches, grass and weeds to make her home as comfortable as possible.

This clean out is teaching us how to appreciate the gifts YHWH has given us so we may interact with YHWH at a cleaner, more natural level.  For life is within each item.  An energy not found in manufactured items.  What life is found in a plastic doo dad or trinket?  There is no life in those but the energy we put into each item, placing it before us as something special.  When in actuality, the most special items of all are right outside our doors.  The true gifts for man from YHWH!


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