Exodus Dream

Several years ago, I had a dream that had many twists and turns in it.  It was very detailed and many mini scenarios happening throughout it that would come together at the end of the dream.
First, I was moving into a glass apartment along a beach.  Each apartment was exactly the same.  All the walls were glass except going into the garage which was off the kitchen.  The kitchen had an enormous picture window with a window seat.  To the right was a door to the garage, which when opened would look right into the neighbor’s apartment that belonged to a very nice African American family.

As I was moving my family’s belongings into the house, I noticed some very large ships (One naval, a few were yachts) coming towards the shore.  It was dark.  I went outside to see how close the ships were when I saw my Mother and Father sitting in chairs inside the water next to 2 different ships.  They weren’t floating, just sitting in chairs inside the water. The naval ship was closer to my Mother and looked like it was going to run into her.  My Father was safe from the other ships coming in.  Both were reading newspapers in the water as if they were in their living room.  As I watched the naval ship coming in closer to my Mom,  I swam to it, grabbing it as if my little arms could actually prevent it from hitting her.   Being I could not prevent the ship from its course, I then swam to my Mother and said, “Mom, MOVE!  The ship is going to hit you!”  She brushed me off and said, don’t worry…I’m fine.”  So I then swam to my Dad and he basically waved and continued reading his newspaper.  That is the last I saw of them in the dream.

Soon after, it was daylight (the next morning) and I was on the beach outside my kitchen window.  I was sitting in the sand digging a hole with my hands when I came upon a shoe box buried in the sand.  I took the cover off and inside of the shoe box were several pairs of sneakers that were my children’s.  (Really?  How could so many pair fit into ONE shoe box??? )  The shoes were from when they were very small.  Also, there were several dark brown vials.  Dark in color and all with some form of liquid in them. Each was labeled and only held a few ounces of whatever was inside them.

In the dream I recalled burying this box from another dream I had. (A dream within a dream.)  I was shocked as I knew I had dreamed about putting it there, and thought, how could a dream have been a reality.  I knew I had buried the box because I would need it for a later time.  I thought, this isn’t time now.  I must bury it again.  I then put the cover back on the shoe box and tried to cover it with the sand, however, sand would not go over the box.

As I was trying to bury the box an older gentleman approximately in his early 70’s with white hair and a white beard, wearing simple clothing walked up to me and just looked at me with a very gentle smile. He was not thin, he was not fat.  Just a normal looking elderly man.

He stated….”It’s Time.”  But first I need you to do something for me.  Then a blond woman came and stood beside him.  She appeared to be in her late 60’s or so.  She was quite fancy.  Her hair was colored a pale yellow blond and was short to medium length.  Each curl throughout was perfect.  Her make up was perfect.  She wore gold jewelry and looked as if she was ready to go out on a special date. She smiled at him and then at me as if she knew something was up. It was a wise and peaceful smile.  Something special must be happening is how I perceived it.

The gentleman looked over to his left and pointed at what appeared to be a rectangular block of wood bench high.  But it was not wood.  On top of it was a green colored dress with these very exquisite gold buttons on it.  The sleeves were poofed on top and narrow at the wrists.  The waist was small and it was a button up the front type. Tapered to below the knees.

The dress was just casually tossed on the block.  He said to me, “I need you to fold this perfectly for me.”  So, I went to the dress and tried to fold it perfectly, however, I could not.  I assumed it was the woman’s dress, but did not ask.  Each time it looked perfect, a wrinkle would form somewhere.  I felt quite frustrated.  He just smiled at me.  Once the dress was folded to almost perfection, the man stated, that is good enough.  So, I began to walk the beach again towards the glass apartment as we went our separate ways.  The neighbors were doing something in their garage and waved and made pleasant conversation.  I said my pleasantries and good bye’s to them for I was going to go back to the spot the box was buried.

I went back to where the shoe box was and again tried to bury it.  Just sitting in the sand, staring at the sea.  The sand still would not cover the box.  I was getting more and more frustrated.  It had to be covered!   It was as if each time I put the sand in my hands and it would fall onto the cover, wind would blow it to the sides and the sand would disappear yet there was no wind.  As this was happening, I looked to the sea and watched the sea turn into miles upon miles of sand.  All the surroundings changed.  Right in front of me a path formed lined by two walls.  Each side looked like damaged plywood just barely nailed together.  The walls were leaning in all directions yet formed a curvy path.  Imagine the photo below with solid walls, however leaning like the left side is.  As well, no sea in front and quite a curvy path. No overgrown grass.  Just solid sand.

One by one, people of all races, nationalities and backgrounds began to walk onto the path.  Each person carried a small bag of their belongings with them.  As I sat watching all these people walk past me, the elderly man came and stood beside me.  He looked down at me and said, “Now is the time.”  And I stood up, did not look back and began to walk the path.  For I understood, it was time to go where YHWH was leading His people.

I feel I understand what the dream meant, however the significance of the box and the dress is what confuses me the most.  Perhaps the box represented sins that could not be covered up?  Perhaps the folding of the dress perfectly represented doing right?  I do not know.

Deuteronomy 16:20
That which is altogether just shalt thou follow,
that thou mayest live,
and inherit the land
which YHWH thy Elohim giveth thee.


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