Thunderbolt Priest

On my recent post, Thunderbird, I used this image in black and white with some areas in color to draw attention to them.

I read this as an image of a Chickamauga Thunderbolt Priest (Bishop/Guard).
Upon his head he has 3 feathers for rank, rank of Guard (same rank I hold).
Upon his face he has the Thunderbolt colors of red and white.

He has the Thunderbird upon his face pointing to his forehead. Showing that YHWH’s name and Torah are upon his forehead (YHWH’s mark Deut 6:8). He has them down his front, only showing 2, but I am to assume 3. One for Father, Word and Spirit. He wears the Thunderbird (center of Calendar) around his neck on a sash and as a choker.

He has a traditional shaw, trimmed in Israel blue. Upon the shaw he has the Wheels, the Calendar. From the center of the Wheels comes Tzitzit’s, Numbers 15:37-40. For the center of the Wheel is the Fire, the Word, Messiah (see Thunderbird post)

Upon each of the mans shoulders is the world, along with the 4 directions.

His white shirt is made up of the design of an orb within an orb within an orb, or Creation itself. With the outer ring as blue per the Wheel.


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