Thunder Bird

With my studies, YHWH has lead me to some very interesting things. One of them is what is found at the center of a Native Wheel. The Wheel itself is found in scripture and is part of my larger Sabbath studies that I will touch upon in future posts.

From my recent post, Massacre of 1810, it mentions how my ancestor Chief Doublehead instructed the family to hide all Thunderbolt (priest/warrior) items. This would include all things that cannot go into a closet. In turn, things need to be encoded to remain in plain site.

With YHWH’s help, I believe I am decoding this past. Below you will find the name YHWH and the word TORAH (TURH), both found at the center of the wheel in the Phoenician language, encoded as a bird.


Torah (TURH) (R◄L)

The Thunderbolts were the Fire (Torah/Word) keepers of YHWH, and being priests, were those instructed on His Name. Being these 2 things, YHWH and Torah are represented as a Thunderbolt. And we now see these 2 items hidden as a bird. The term Thunder Bird should take on new meaning for you.

The first image using YHWH, one can see the 4 letters make up the entire bird.

Where the TURH image uses only the body of the bird and the wings are left unused. But are they unused, or are they the Menorah hiding in plain sight?

If you care to spell Torah other ways in Phoenician, surprisingly they work all the while leaving the wings empty for the Menorah.

Torah (TORH) (R◄L)


So what does this mean?
It means that the center of the Wheel begins with the Instructions of YHWH.

Proverbs 9:10
The fear of YHWH is the beginning of wisdom:
and the knowledge of the set-apart is understanding.


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