Phoenician Girl?

This image is widely found on the internet and is labeled “Dakota Native American Girl“. I used this same image in my video Native American YHWH.

Recently due to other studies, I have been in the Phoenician language. So when I passed by this picture again by chance while doing a search for other Native American images. I realized I saw 2 letters I recognized that seemed to jump off the page at me. The image has been reversed to show the letters properly.

First letter is a “Y” (Yodh, Yad)

Second letter looks like it could be a “H” (he)

Last letter clearly is a “T” (taw, tah)

The 3rd and 4th are too blurred to make out clearly. My art program does not have the ability to clear this up to make it more legible.

If this is a “traditional Native American girl”, as they tell us. Why then does she have the Phoenician language written across her forehead?

If I was to make an educated guess, being one can see YH and 2 other missing letters. One could presume it says YHWH. The T, could mean Torah. Or could be part of the same word or another word being there are other faint markings on the headband.

If you have an opinion on what any letters could be, please share.


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