Kit’Yowah Prophecy

In the heart of the Smokey Mountains, some 3500 years ago, Creator revealed Himself to a people. The Creator gave the people a Mother town and a new name – both were named “Keetoowah.” The town was located near present day Bryson City, North Carolina. It was from Keetoowah that the Creator revealed His true name to the people.

He said His name was “Yowah” and the people would be “kit-Yowah” or “from Yowah.” Today they are known as the Cherokee.

At the advent of European contact the Cherokee had become the most powerful tribal group in the American southeast, claiming parts of nine states. The Cherokees were known to the colonists as the most civilized tribe because they chose to adapt to many of the newcomers ways.

Mainly influenced by the Baptist and Methodist, churches sprang up all over Cherokee country. One Baptist missionary and his Cherokee co-worker, who were especially sensitive to the Cherokee culture, started over 30 churches and trained several dozen Cherokee preachers.

Upon their forced removal through an illegal scheme, the Cherokees lost all their old homelands. Later, a small amount of land was restored through the benevolence of a man named William Thomas. Today that small group is located in Cherokee, North Carolina, and known as “The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.” Their western cousins are predominately located in eastern Oklahoma, but a wide remnant of people with Cherokee ancestry can be found today in every state, particularly in the American south.

What was Yowah’s plan for this unique people group before their tragic loss? As with all peoples, He had called them to be His people, to become “a light to the nations.” There is an ancient Cherokee prophecy that states, “The Cherokees will lead all the other tribes back to the Great Spirit.” To date, this prophecy has not come to pass… (side note from Quiet Buck… till today!).

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