Wedding Dream

This dream, I had almost a decade ago.  At the time I had no idea the relationship we had with China as we do now.

I was preparing for my wedding day.  I was in a room packed with women of all ages helping me get dressed.  Doing my hair, primping my gown etc.  All of a sudden, all the women became these incredibly beautiful Asian women wearing chinese qipao red wedding dresses.  Each and every one of them. It went from a room to being outside surrounded by what seemed like thousands of these women.

Then in an instant, men helping prepare the groom, including the groom all transformed into Chinese army men. Therefore it appeared hundreds of thousands of a mixture of the two types of people surrounding me.

As I looked around, suddenly I stood outside myself.  I was in a stunning white wedding gown surrounded by all these strange people.

Beautiful women in red and Chinese soldiers all carrying guns engulfed where I stood.  It became chaotic.   I stood in the center of what appeared to become millions.  My bridesmaids had changed, the groom and grooms men were all changed.  The men began to shoot their weapons while the women were smiling away.

All alone in the center of chaos.  I then awoke.

Years later, I happened along some information regarding China’s plans against the USA.  I often wondered if the dream was a warning.


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