Do you understand all things are a wave, a frequency? For how did YHWH create all things? By His breath, the Word, sound, frequency… He spoke.

Do you understand then how Messiah walked on water? Healed? Have faith of a mustard seed?

Do you realize your desk is hard with color due to frequencies? Notice a song can change your mood?

That is due to frequencies within the song. Same applies to good (high frequency) or bad (low frequency) moods.

This is also how the “other side” messes with us through music, tell-a-lie-vision and other venues.

And why the military now has sound based weapons, in use. These weapons work on sound and frequency and can cause great discomfort.

And why scripture instructs us NOT to use other names aka bad sound waves. This is why we are told what comes out of the mouth of man can defile him. For what frequency aka speech does the man put forth?

Understand now how “words hurt“?

Understand YHWH’s name, why its important, why we are told 100+ times to use it and sing it. It is the most powerful “sound wave” out there. Hence why its important to get it right and why scripture tells us there is but 1 name.


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