Unclean Animal List

Leviticus 11:47
To make a difference between the unclean and the clean,
and between the beast that may be eaten and the beast that may not be eaten.

My husband and I have been focused on cleaning our house.  Our shelter house, our inner house and our physical house.   First we began with idols, which has been a process and still is.  Mixed into that we researched into clothing.  Another item we are still working on.  And for more reasons than one, our food intake.

I have suffered from severe headaches since I was about 5 years old.  In the past I have seen countless doctors, had MRI’s, CT scans…tried every top medication for migraines etc.  Not a single thing worked.  Therefore, I gave up.  Literally gave up and had succumb to the fact that I would suffer the rest of my days in pain.  I also struggle with digestive issues.  I was able to change my diet enough to prevent GERD outbreaks and severe heartburn amidst other annoying aches and pains.  However, they did not take away the headaches.

My husband began to pay very close attention and ruled out many items.  Then one day  he happened upon high acid diets and the results.  Therefore, I have been very focused as of late on balancing the intake of alkaline and acid within my diet.  Which by far, I have seen the best results.  Especially with headaches.

As we continue our studies on diet and health, we reflected back upon times we looked up the clean and unclean foods.  We knew about swine/pork, shell fish etc.  But never really saved or copied the entire listing of foods scripture tells us to abstain from.  Until recently, we have tried to be better at food, however were not solely focused upon it as we are now.

The above photo gives a list of unclean foods.  If you research each item listed, there is plenty of information as to why these foods are not good for us.  How they can effect our heart, blood, liver, energy levels,colon, cause cancer etc. etc.  Scripture never lies…and has proven itself over and over to us.  Confirming that YHWH knows exactly what He is doing and why.  Not only confirming that, but confirming the Word is true!

I find it the best research we have done lately.  We know raw foods keep their energy frequency and if steamed lose a percentage.  If cooked a good majority of the energy we need for our systems is removed.  As we are filled with energy from the foods we do consume, is it not wise to ensure we are feeding our body with foods that cleanse, heal and rejuvenate rather than filled with items that can harm us?

Research the animals listed above and see how many are consumed in your own home. (Excluding the obvious ones such as elephants and gorillas)  But also understand many animals  such as elephants are within many common products that we use as well.  This task can be quite an overwhelming one to take upon oneself.  However, once the knowledge is gained and understood, it is well worth the effort.  I will say this, I certainly feel better for it!


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