Open Your Phone Line

Many women often come to me asking how they can hear more clearly when it comes to YHWH.  I hope this post can open the doorway for those who struggle with this topic.

We women carry many roles.  We must be caregivers, wives, secret holders, lionesses, doves, and most often the glue that keeps the family together.  For many, it can be overwhelming.  For others it is a joy. However, it all can keep ones mind very cluttered and unfocused due to the many roles we must perform in daily life.

For those of you who, with all your heart, follow YHWH, I will let you in on a little secret.  Keep the “phone line” open to YHWH.  For every single item in your life.

I shared with a friend recently a little tidbit to try to help her focus.  As we women tend to get caught in whirlwinds that distract us from truly listening.  We can often go run to the fence and gossip with the hens, asking their advice rather than YHWH’S or our husbands.  We can often try to take control over things that we can not have control over.  We can drive in circles trying to understand a lesson for we can block out so easily the message.  We are emotional beings.  We are lovers of many things and become passionate to a degree we can lose objectivity.  Often we turn to man/woman over YHWH for advice.  Sincerely, all the answers are in scripture if we only ask YHWH to show us.  All the answers to any situation are given.

Therefore, I stated to my friend these simple words which I hope can aid others who are trying very hard to gain a true and personal relationship with YHWH.

“Imagine YHWH trying to speak to you through a cell phone that fell into water, you went into an elevator and all you hear is aakjfa;iuyp08ey7rp8aeyr. What good is that? Time for a new phone!

That’s what He’s trying to do with you….get your connection clear!”

For YHWH is calling you.
How can you hear him if everything sounds muffled due to distractions?

The point in that was to express how important it is to clean our minds.  Quietly listen and pay attention.  Our minds can run in circles.  They can wander while in prayer or meditating upon His Word.  We can be easily distracted.  But hope is not lost in trying to empty our minds to hear His Word and heed His call.

In order to heed the call of YHWH we must not have white noise in the background. The video below is something I was shown a few years back.  It has been life changing.  We can not listen to man on how to hear.  We must ask YHWH to show us how to hear.

Matthew 7:7
Ask, and it shall be given you;
seek, and ye shall find;
knock, and it shall be opened unto you:


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