The Glass Pier

Several years ago, I had experienced many very vivid dreams that have never left my mind.  They are so clear, it is as if I just had them last night.  In fact, they were so realistic and profound that goosebumps can still arrive if I dare share with anyone.

This will be the first time I have shared online.  Though, I have thought about  making videos, no visuals could produce the intensity of what I saw within these dreams.  Therefore, if you should bare with me, I will try to share in detail one particular dream that is most prominent in my mind.  I call it…

“The Glass Pier.”

It was a cool day.  I was wearing a fisherman’s sweater and walking upon this very long, perfectly clear glass pier.  As I was walking towards the middle, hundreds of people were running to the end and disappearing.  So I stopped and tried to see why they were disappearing.  I continued on a little further.  I was baffled.  As each time I would look forward and see so much commotion, I sensed I was being watched.  I looked down into the water under my feet, hundreds of people were in the water under the glass. All age groups and many nationalities.

They were trying to get out of the water but were stuck, drowning.  The faces of men and women screaming was horrific to view.  Some were trying to hit the glass but to no avail. There were 2 people who I can still see clear as day.  One was a man whose mouth was screaming in such a way that it pierced my heart.  His eyes were pleading for help.  The other was a blond woman whose hair half covered her face so I could only see a portion of her mouth crying out.  Her arms were flailing out of control and she kicked several others who were near her in her panic. Everyone was grabbing each other, kicking at each other, trying to get their heads to the surface.

Once I saw that, I began to run towards the end in hopes to see Why they were disappearing into the water and how.  Suddenly my feet were glued to one spot.  I looked forward.  As I looked, I became frozen in time.

Now imagine a movie scene where someone gets so shocked that the scene behind them moves away while the person appears to be moving forward because it represents that surreal moment.  That is where I was.  In a very surreal moment.

As I looked forward, there was a tall man with very dark hair.  He had a dark mustache and the only way to describe him would be a chiseled featured Burt Reynolds.  An extremely handsome man but with an extremely sinister look.  In front of him was this very thin rectangle cut into the glass pier.  An opening into the water that maybe a small rodent would slip through. It was literally only about a foot from the end of the pier.

This man stood to the left of this perfect rectangle opening into the water and people would run up to him all excited. However, as their feet reached about a few inches from the rectangle, they would morph into almost paper thin versions of themselves and slip into the water.  Almost like paper coming out of a printer.

From that moment they were trapped in the water.  They could not climb onto the pier or even take a gasp for air above water.  Not even their hands could splash out into the surface.  They were literally trapped.  And though the water surrounding the pier appeared clear, it was not.  No one could pull up for air.  Not a single person.

Being my feet were glued and I had realized what was going on, I tried to grab anyone and everyone I could.  Shouting out to them “Get away, turn around”.  I had tried so hard to grab sleeves, arms, torsos.  But each of them slipped out of my grip and slipped into the rectangle.  I was horrified.  I could do nothing to save these people or get them to turn around and run away.  Instead they ran by in joy until they were trapped.  I can still hear the garbled screams as I type this.

The man standing at the end of the pier turned and looked at me.  As he turned towards my direction, his eyes met mine.  I glared into his eyes and held a firm stance.  Though I could convince none to turn back, he snickered and gave a very sly smile and said. “Don’t worry, I will get you too.”  And then…I woke up.

My theory on this dream is it was the enemy of souls who spoke to me. His way of threatening me. I believe I  was being shown many will fall willingly.  Whether it be from YHWH, faith, the Word or the world has fully consumed them to their demise.  As for many many years I have watched many slip away from the truth they held steadfast to.  Listening to men instead of our Creator YHWH.


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