Smarter than a 5th Grader?

Do you believe everything from 5th Grade?

Here is something to mess with your mind. Get on the web site and pick a central destination such as Kansas City. Then choose another city going directly east that is a set distance from the 1st city. Check the times for the length of the flight. Don’t forget to remove any layover time.

Now do the same thing again from the central destination city to a city going west at the same distance.

I used Kansas City as my central, Washington DC as my eastern and Phoenix as my western. As both are almost 1000 miles from Kansas City in an almost straight east/west line.

If we are spinning, as we all were taught in about 5th grade. Then logically 1 of the 2 flights should be much longer than the other. For one is going against the rotation of the earth. And the other is going with the rotation of the earth.

See if you come to the same findings I did…

Center of USA going east 1000 miles
Kansas city to Washington DC
Flight 1 – 3 hours 21 minutes or 3.35 hours
Flight 2 – 4 hours 15 minutes or 4.25 hours
Flight 3 – 3 hours 35 minutes or 3.58 hours
Flight 4 – 3 hours 26 minutes or 3.43 hours
Flight 5 – 3 hours 30 minutes or 3.50 hours

Average flight time = 3 hours 37 minutes or 3.622 hours

►Center of USA going west 1000 miles
Kansas City to Phoenix Arizona
Flight 1 – 3 hours 27 minutes or 3.45 hours
Flight 2 – 2 hours 42 minutes or 2.70 hours
Flight 3 – 4 hours 10 minutes or 4.17 hours
Flight 4 – 4 hours 15 minutes or 4.25 hours
Flight 5 – 3 hours 57 minutes or 3.95 hours

Average flight time = 3 hours 42 minutes or 3.704 hours

A difference of 0.082 of an hour or only 5 minutes!
Yet we are told at the equator Earth rotates at 1000 miles an hour.



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