Solar Rock Cutting?

Could it be this simple?

The other day I did a post on my Facebook page about the Fresnel
lens and how it can melt a padlock (see video). A Fresnel lens is not
much more than facets cut into plastic or glass. In turn making a
magnifying lens on steroids so to speak.

So the wife and I got to talking the other night… Could this be how those in the past cut rock and cut it so precisely? Being today we have a Fresnel lens from plastic that focuses the suns’ power to about 1″ or so. And we can see at this focal point it can burn rock, sticks, water, etc.

So what would happen if one cut a diamond or a crystal with facets (like a diamond on a ring) to mimic a Fresnel lens? With the precision of diamonds or quarts being over plastic. Could one then get a beam of light focused even smaller than 1 inch? Maybe even down to almost the thickness of a hair (sounds like a modern day laser)? Could this be how they so precisely cut through stone so they could fit side by side with such accuracy? Yet no real tools or methods are found. For it was most likely nothing more than a cut piece of quarts on a stick. Almost like what we would call a surveyors instrument today.

Something to think about…..


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