Canning Potatoes

During the past year, the husband and I began canning. Picking up the lessons we saw from our grand parents.

But we ran into a snag with canning potatoes. A milky, starch filled jar of potatoes was formed. When we open them for cooking they have an odd taste. If in the fridge for days to be ate as left overs, they are on a level of disgusting. Some of the potatoes after cooking have turned a shade of gray.

We have tried multiple brands of potatoes along with colors, white, red, russet yet we continue to get the same results. We also have tried multiple methods of canning potatoes and still the same results. We have no proof, and it is only a guess. But we wonder if the potato supply is too GMO’d to can safely.

Due to these results, we have now studied and are putting our potato storage away as instant potatoes instead. Shelf life is far longer. Space, weight is far less. And the amount of water to cook them is 1/20th that of fresh potatoes. We still plan on having potatoes in our garden. But we no longer will be canning them for future storage.

We would advise anyone who is canning potatoes to re-check their stock and taste test different dates to ensure their potatoes are not doing the same.


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