Mylar Failure

We no longer use or recommend the use of Mylar for food storage purposes. This is from research
and our own personal experience.

Many are using Mylar for their food storage needs, specially for long term food storage. After researching we did the same for our food storage by making our own MRE’s (meal ready to eat) using Mylar bags. We never did the Mylar in a 5 gallon bucket as we are only doing 2 gallon buckets. The Mylar seemed to work well at first, even easy to use and seal. But after months in storage and doing a check on them. We realized the Mylar had failed even though they were still sealed.

Out of 50 MRE’s not a single Mylar bag held its vacuum seal. Not to mention our hard candy and other small items were melted inside the Mylar bag MRE. Yet the same items stored outside of the Mylar did not melt. In turn showing that Mylar retains, absorbs or reflects heat within the bag.

We have since removed all of our Mylar stored items and re-packaged them in buckets or Mason jars. We re-designed our MRE’s to be 1 month of food stored in a 2 gallon bucket instead of 2 days of food for 3 people in a Mylar bag MRE.

This makes it easier for a BOB (bug out bag) situation. As each person now only has to grab their BOB and 1 bucket MRE (30 days food). Instead of having multiple MRE’s stored in our BOB’s along with another duffel bag full of MRE’s to carry between the husband and I.


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