2 person MRE

The husband and I have researched food storage for a good part of the past few years. From watching and reading what many others have done, we came up with what we deemed as important. Removing the errors others had encountered. A big one most do not see is in the storage of 5 gallon buckets of food. When you break the seal, you have 5 gallons of food (rice, beans, etc) to eat or it will spoil. One cannot say they will reseal the bag since most likely there will be no electricity. Not to mention hard to transport 5 gallon buckets in an emergency.

People have good intentions, and many good ideas. But few have the ability to think things through thoroughly. Our MRE is designed to be enough for 2 people and 2 cats for up to 48 hours or 3 people for at least 24 hours. Each MRE is less than $5.00 to put together ($1.25 per person per day). Many items that others incorporate into their MRE’s or food supply we have incorporated into our BOB’s (bug out bags). Such as stainless water bottle, spork, rubber bowl, bandanna (napkin) and so forth. Our MRE set up is focused solely on the meal itself. All items fit inside a 1 gallon Mylar bag with 2 oxygen absorbers added.

Example of one of are MRE kits:

– 1 cup rice w/ bullion cube
– 1 cup cornbread mix
– 1/3 cup sugar
– 2 individual bottle water flavor packets
– 3 bottles of water (1 cooking, 2 drinking)
– 3 bags, 1/3 cup each, snack, trail mix or granola bar, fig newtons
– 3 pieces of hard candy
– 1 box of matches
– 1 brown paper lunch bag
– 2 moist wipes
– 2 cotton balls soaked in Vaseline
– 1 cup dry cat food
– all food items in ziplock sandwich bags for re-usage


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