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I recommend that people stay far away from this group! As the false prophet often has demonic chants within the videos to cast curses and spells.

AmightywindEXPOSED – BlipTV

From their speech of hatred, spewing of curses and name calling, Heb 12:14, not to mention the numerous lies they speak, Proverbs 14:5. They break many passages, statues and commandments that it would take a book to list them all out. But we have a Book already!

The most simple, Matthew 22:36-40, for the false prophet fail the two commandments that all prophets must follow. Their false prophet is YahsLadynRed on YouTube. She goes by Elizabeth, Sherrie, Sharon, Elijah, Pastor, Reverend, Rabbi, Apostle and Prophet. Have you seen so many names and titles (I am sure I missed some)?

Sadly her “followers” are of the weak minded and mentally challenged, in turn are easily manipulated. Many have given up possessions and homes for this lady (term used loosely). They even call her Momma (showing the weak mind).

The false prophet will have much to answer for. Her followers, hopefully YHWH takes into account their mind, being He is who makes the dumb, Exodus 4:11.

•Ezekiel 13:3
Thus saith the Master YHWH;
Woe unto the foolish prophets,
that follow their own spirit,
and have seen nothing!


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