The Staff?

Since my journey began over a handful of years ago, I have always had this thorn in my side about a staff (walking stick). I have shared this with few people so this is a first sharing with most. YHWH has led me to countless items and over the years all of those items have contained this staff. During the past few years I have been given waking flashes and visions of the staff. And from these visions the image has become more and more clear to where I could almost draw the staff and the room I saw it sitting in.

I had described the staff sitting in a room leaning up against a corner. That it was next to a wood plank wall of some sort and had what seemed to be a wood shelf as well next to it. I also said the staff was a brown gray with what seemed to be like veins on it like a human arm. And the area around it was dusty, could see the dust on items.

The wood planks I saw was the plywood wall and the wood shelf is the wood trim strip. One can see the brown and gray of the staff shaft and the wrapping coil is what I tried to describe as veins. In the normal picture one can also see how it is a dusty corner. From what one can see so far, one’s memory should be recalling the Staff of Moses. Strangely I placed that in one of my first videos (Warrior of YHWH) as a representation of the staff I was seeking in private.

Warrior of YHWH

This is one of many pictures I took while at a Native American location many moons ago (will remain nameless for privacy reasons). Last night as I sat on the computer and talked to the wife. A feeling just came over me that was as simple as, “you already have a picture of your staff”. I then went looking through all of my pictures and found it.

From what I can see from the picture, she matches my vision to the letter. But I must see all of her to make sure. As I cannot go on a picture alone but must see and hold her to know if this is the staff I have been lead to all this time. I have already put in a request with the Native location to come hold it.

Quote from She Who Carries a Sun:

among the Chickamaugan Cherokee were this elite class of warriors of fire, guardians of the Ark, keepers of the flames, commonly called and known as THE THUNDERBOLTS. And among them were great warriors of white and red their markings upon their Being.


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