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Dear Friend,

On the evening of Christmas (2007), while I was meditating on the porch… Adonai Melech Haolom revealed to me something that I was quite aghast… I don’t understand all of it, but I felt strongly that He wanted me to send this to you. I feel silly about it, but still, my conscious is bugging me to tell you. My son says that HaShem explained some of it to him, but that you would know what to make of it. So here it is from the Sky and the Clouds sent by The Great Spirit… I have prayed about this and please do the same…

There will be a gathering of nations…
There will be a great conquest… out of the Lion’s paw and the Lion’s jaw.
The coyote calls, then fades away- disappears.
A new era comes… a giant reptile- then it fades and disappears.
Then a new light.. a flying ship.. A Great Eagle.. The great eagle will remain..
Two (2) great men (powers) will melt and become one…
A new birth- then many… a crying baby, its mother hovering above it- surrounded by winged beings.
A winged dragon with horns on its head and fire from its mouth…
An angel in triumph followed by many
Then a great beautiful spirit-
with much power and peace and with the innocence and purity of a child.

Then vast purity with eyes of an owl and wisdom and the agility,
swiftness and strength of a hawk…

Then 2 great rivers, then a 3rd with more rivers forming and abundancy.
A terror causing spirit
which causes much fear with its penetrating eyes (especially the left eye)…

Evolving out of it is one like it.
Vast oppression.
Then gradual deliverance.
Then triumph.

Brother, I feel better now. When I prayed, HaShem made me feel that you would understand and it would be confirmation of a message that He gave you. May He keep blessing you and you Him.

Shalom la hitra ot…

– Earlydawn


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