Chemtrails are barium trails that are producing the inside effects of a TV tube (CRT). The clouds are formed because barium reacts chemically to moisture. The odd clouds in lines are a raster pattern (same as TV).

HAARP is the electron gun in the back of the TV shooting negative electrons up at the positive barium particles. The color of the light coming off a TV electron gun is blue, hence “blue beam” project.

Analog TV’s had to be removed, for this would interfere with the larger electron gun (HAARP). For the antenna’s are but the prongs in the back of the electron gun. The idea trails are to poison us is dis info or just a side effect due to barium and aluminum being dumped to create the CRT.

The testing marks aka orb ufo’s and other items have been seen. Same as the color bar and dot and line tests you use to see on late night TV. I believe the cell antennas are either the focusing or deflecting coils.

Their Game will air soon… are you ready?

Professor Whoopee – How a CRT Works

How It’s Made – CRT (Cathode Ray Tube)


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