Kit’Yowah – those from Creator YoWaH

Belief in one supreme being formed the central theme of the Cherokee religion. This being’s name was Yowah, a name so sacred that it could not be spoken aloud, except by certain priests. Even such individuals, dedicated from childhood to the performance of religious rites, uttered it in public only while singing a hymn — a hymn that was sung but once a year.

Yowah, the supreme god, was conceived of as a unity of three beings, referred to as “The Elder Fires Above” who were the creators of the universe. These Elder Fires* first created the sun and the moon and gave the world its form. Then they returned to the seventh heaven in the sky, leaving the sun and the moon to finish the creation of the stars and all living things, and to rule over them.

This explains why Cherokee prayers used the expression, ‘Sun, my creator’ During the process of creation, the sun and the moon appointed fire as the protector of human beings and to be the intermediary between man and the sun. Smoke was the fire’s messenger who bore the prayers of man from earth to heaven.


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