My Native Bloodline

► Chief Murmuring Ripple of the Attanoughkomouck Tribe,
the father of Dashing Stream.

► Dashing Stream, the father of Scent Morning Flower.
Scent Morning flower married Algonquin Chief Running Stream.

► Chief Running Stream of the Algonquin Tribe,
the father of Chief Wahunsenacawh Powhatan.

Chief Wahunsenacawh Powhatan.
The father of Pocahontas Matoaka Powhatan also known as Lady Rebecca. Pocahontas was married to Kokoum, a Patawomeke warrior prior to her marriage with John Rolfe II.

► Thomas Powhatan “Theo” Rolfe,
the son of John Rolfe II and Pocahontas.
My line follows the Jane Matoaka Rolfe line along with Col. John Robert Bolling.


► Principal Chief and Emperor Amotoya Moytoy,
the father of Tavchee. Tavchee’s mother was Creat Priber.

► Tavchee of the Ailsey Paint Clan,
father to the leader of the Chickamangon, Chief Doublehead.
The Thunderbolt Chickamangon Cherokee.
She who carries the Sun (for her People).

► Chief Doublehead aka Chuqualatague leader of the Chickamangon,
the father of SeluSatah also known as Princess Cornblossum.

► SeluSatah married George ‘Big Jake’ Troxell.
My line follows the Catherine ‘Katy’ Troxell line.


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